It was simply a matter of time before first-person shooter video game developers brought the Osama bin Laden Abbottabad complex to video game consoles around the globe. The latest news is that a private developer has accurately translated the compound into a map for "Counter-Strike: Source," claims the Huffington Post. Fraggers can take out the virtual al Qaeda leader from the safety of home.

Abbottabad from Fletch

"Counter-Strike: Source" is a Valve Software title that allows individuals to be in a community where they can create content and put it online publicly. The level for the Abbottabad compound was created by a developer known only as "Fletch." Single or online multiplayer can both be used with the first-person shooter, FPS, which should simulate modern military ground engagements.

GameBanana has a version of Fletch's bin Laden Abbottabad complex. It can be downloaded for free. There have already been 12,000 downloads of the map which has only been available for four days. You are able to do different "Counter-Strike" plots with the map or simulate the bin Laden mission.

Fletch responded on GameBanana to everyone who said it was "in bad taste" to release the bin Laden map saying:

"I can see how people would think it is in bad taste, but honestly if that's your opinion you may as well protest the whole game (as well as many others)," he wrote.

Killing Osama occurs in other games too

Fletch's "Counter-Strike: Source" is joined by "Kuma War II." It is an ongoing PC FPS title by The Osama bin Laden raid was simulated in that game only as multiplayer. A player can choose to be a bin Laden guard or Navy SEAL, Kotaku explained. The compound is very accurate, although specific raid details aren't followed.

You have to destroy the U.S. helicopter, find intelligence to "End al Qaeda," kill bin Laden and remove his body as a SEAL. Guards just have to protect Osama bin Laden. That is their only reason.


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