What can I say?

In the past week or two I've finally completed my Justice League of America comic book collection -- every volume, every issue, all the way back to their first appearances in the Brave & the Bold.

Been working on "The League" episode 4. Just last night I busted my digital camera (which I actual use instead of my digital video camera, as I find the digital camera's movie mode captures up-close action figures easier for blue-screening and green-screening) so I had to hit Best Buy and buy a new Fujifilm. Basically it's the same camera I had before, but a couple generations above it now. Video seems a little crisper but it seems to have a little trouble focusing on action figures with a strong light source on them... but mostly is a suitable replacement.

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds didn't disappoint, but it isn't the Final Crisis killer a lot of folks lauded that it might be. It's just a very cool Superboy-Prime story set amidst the 31st Century and the Legion... lots of Legions.