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  1. Green Lantern pics
  2. Martin H. Jordan's Last Words/ Saarek
  3. GLC #19 news! Ice, Ice baby!
  4. Hal Jordan's Religion
  5. So who's buying the SCW hardcover collections?
  6. Dare!
  7. Do you think Arkillo?
  8. Boy is Super-whatever Prime an idiot
  9. Hal Jordan accused of Steroid abuse?
  10. Favorite earth GL?
  11. What would you like to see next in GL?
  12. Green Lantern Corps #23 *spoilers*
  13. Artist War! EVS vs. Ivan Reis! Who do you like better?
  14. Geoff Johns vs. Dave Gibbons? (writing)
  15. When the GL 25 newsarama previews come out...
  16. Which Hal team up do you like better, Hal and GA or Hal and Barry Allen?
  17. Kreon mistaken for Graf Toren??
  18. Green Lantern #25 *spoilers*
  19. On the 12th...
  20. Green Lantern Corps #19 *spoilers*
  21. Is the Sinestro Corps War the greatest Gl arc ever?
  22. You knew the polls were comin! GL #25! Liked it, hated it?
  23. Ion special vs. GLC#19
  24. My "Blackest Night" theory
  25. Anyone else notice when AM...
  26. Thank you
  27. just saw something
  28. Orange Lanterns
  29. order please
  30. New cover of GL #26
  31. Leader of the Orange
  32. van sciver or reis, if you had to pick 1
  33. Johns will take back Prime!
  34. Negative review of GL #25?
  35. Sinestro Corps War in Continuity
  36. In Defense of Hal...
  37. I love this cover!!!
  38. Question about Hal's uniform.
  39. So is Arkillo stranded on Earth?
  40. Green Lantern #29 *spoilers*
  41. Amon's next move
  42. Green Lantern Corps #22 solicit!
  43. Blue Lanterns. Any candidates?
  44. Final cover for GL #27
  45. 2009!!??
  46. Geoff Johns' Green Lantern comic of the year!
  48. Other DC heroes wielding the Power Ring
  49. The other Power Spectrums - how do they "work"
  50. Were all books delayed today
  51. Rebirth or Recharge?
  52. Favorite outcome for the SC members at the end of the war?
  53. Green Lantern #26 *spoilers*
  54. Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files & Origins *spoilers*
  55. My Amon Sur theory
  56. Happy with Amon's fate?
  57. Who will get the ring for sector 2814 choose now?
  58. The birth of the Red Lanterns
  59. Who will be leader of the SC now?
  60. Do you think Amon Sur would've been put on OA's death row?
  61. The Crimson Mantle of Command!
  62. Effigy needs the Geoff Johns treatment
  63. Should the Guardians have a base on Earth?
  64. Vath vs. Isamot?
  65. My Secret Files review thread
  66. Favorite of the SCW epilogues?
  67. How old was Hal during World War II?
  68. How long has Vath had hair?
  69. Orange Lantern theory
  70. Rebirth + SinCorps + Batman connection w/ Scan.
  71. The perfect candidate for new leader of SC is...
  72. Better Partners? Hal and John or Guy and Kyle?
  73. The corps versions of Batman
  74. Green Lantern Corps #20 *spoilers*
  75. Secret Files Cover LIES!!
  76. Favorite Vol.4 arc exluding Rebirth and Sin War?
  77. Anybody else think Kryb could, or should be tied to the Children of the White Lobe?
  78. Guy and Kyle's Move to Oa. Like it or not?
  79. Sinestro vs. Mongul
  80. Did Hal kill?
  81. Henshaw. His next move?
  82. Design a new Green Lantern: Vol. 4 banner
  83. Who's the lucky GL?
  84. GLC 20 FIX FOR NOW
  85. Ninety-six hours worth of info...
  86. The Global Guardians
  87. Problems with this whole Sinestro Corps War
  88. Hal Jordan year 1
  89. Tom "Pieface" Kalmaku
  90. Green Lantern #30 solicit up
  91. Green Lantern Corps #23 solicit (& NEW cover for GLC #22)
  92. I'm GL deprived!
  93. In March we get another look at the origins of Hal Jordan what's your thoughts?
  94. Green Lantern #27 *spoilers*
  95. Nekron
  96. I owe Geoff an apology
  97. Best Superman Prime bout?
  98. Do you like the space whale retcon?
  99. Top 5 Lanterns from the Srcret Files you'd like to see more of
  100. Ion theory
  101. GLC #20 2nd printing
  102. Are you happy with Vol. 4 now being officially 50/50 Hal/John?
  103. Hold the phone...
  104. manhunter ??
  105. GL #28 delayed
  106. possible location of the Black Lantern
  107. Question about GL#23 cover
  108. Alpha Lantern interview (with Sterling Gates)
  109. How long will Volume 4 last?
  110. When will we see Parallax again?
  111. Green Lantern Corps #21 *spoilers*
  112. In your eyes which of the entities (without the host) is the strongest?
  113. So is it safe to assume....
  114. GUESS THAT OATH! / Other Corps Oaths
  115. Ringquest=Birth of the Orange Lanterns?
  116. Green Lantern Corps #24 solicitation
  117. Green Lantern #31 solicitation
  118. Green Lantern: Death By Twinkie
  119. Green Lantern #29 mentioned in...
  120. GL drought
  121. Theory on Krona's resurrection...
  122. When did Ganthet change?
  123. ION (Yat) vs. Perfect Cell (DBZ)
  124. GL deficiency. NEED HELP!!
  125. Fatality
  126. This got me thinking... :::::POLL:::::
  127. What should Laira's punishment be?
  128. Annual coming
  129. Are the Alpha Lanterns a Bad Idea?
  130. Hal introduction
  131. First look at Green Lanten #28! BIG revelations! Red Lanterns!
  132. Do we really need the Guardians?
  133. Which new Corps uniform looks coollest?
  134. Green Lantern #28 *spoilers*
  135. The Red Lanterns are coming
  136. Okay, how many people saw this coming? *SPOILERS from GL #28*
  137. ****** in Red: How long will it last? **Spoilers**
  138. Jack-O-Lantern's Blackest Night Prophecies (GL #28 SPOILERS)
  139. Controllers, Mongul and the Orange Lanterns (a tad bit of #28 spoilers)
  140. Red Lantern Gurgling, vomitting stuff? GL #28 spoilers Be warned
  141. SPOILERS...--- "Agent Orange"
  142. RETURN OF MY POLLS! Mongul which Corps would you like him to join?
  143. The Orange Lantern Corps... what's their deal?
  144. Where the heck does the Search for Ray Palmer fit in?
  145. Geoff Johns on Blackest Night and Secret Origin
  146. WHO WILL DIE?
  147. Who has the best chance of a happily ever after?
  148. Which was better? the Sinestro Corps War Special or GL #25?
  149. Should Superman become a Blue Lantern?
  150. Something that occured to me.
  151. First post: Guardians MPD?
  152. The Red Lantern symbol
  153. Ok, so we know the second law...
  154. Green Lantern Corps #22 *spoilers*
  155. For what Laira will do as a RL, is she innocent?
  156. If Sodam Yat dies, who should get ION?
  157. Superman Prime should be offered a red ring.
  158. Should the Honor Guard have higher or equal authorty to the Alpha Lanterns?
  159. GLC # 25 Solicitation. WOW!
  160. GL #32 Solicitation
  161. Guardian's role in the universe
  162. Make Your Ten New Laws!
  163. Did Hal cut off 2 of Blackhands, hands?
  164. Green Lantern #29 preview
  165. The Hope(blue) Entity
  166. How About An Olive Branch?
  167. Blackest Night thoughts **Spoilers**
  168. Infinite Geoff Johns 1-Green Lantern...
  169. Retcon Or Retelling?
  170. 1st look at GLC#23
  171. About the "Blackest Night"
  173. name your corps Guardians
  174. The Parallax Effect...
  175. Here's the July solicits for GL
  176. Is Hal getting back together with Carol?
  177. the Death corps.
  178. What do you guys think of the new MILITANT Kyle?
  179. Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns?
  180. Black Lanterns...and...White Lanterns?
  181. Blackest Night= DC Zombies?
  182. Post your favorite Green Lantern Hal Jordan pic (comics)
  184. Green Lantern #30 *Spoilers*
  185. Cover of GLC #23
  186. 1st look at DCU #0
  188. Hector Hammond...
  189. The Pie Face discussion.
  190. Does Hal have any kids out there ???
  191. DCU#0 - Did Hal show Doubt?
  192. So in regards to timelines...
  193. Green Lantern Corps #24 *Spoilers*
  194. Who is Hal closer to, Barry or Ollie?
  195. Green Lantern #31 *Spoilers*
  196. GLC #27 solicit and cover!
  197. GL #34 solicit/cover
  198. What religion is Hal Jordan ???
  199. "Green Lantern: The Corpse" mini-series canned? (Keith Champagne)
  200. Shape/model of Power Rings
  201. Gl Ash
  202. Big Bad of the Black Lanterns?
  203. GL #31 - Was Hal not listening, or is he just stupid?
  204. GL colorist Randy Mayor on...
  205. The Prophecy
  206. Secret Origin Trade
  207. crimson fox to be a violet fox?
  208. Rage of the Red Lanterns
  209. Some killing questions
  210. Green Lantern Corps #25 *Spoilers*
  211. Blackest Night, Sinestro And The Prophecy
  212. Green Lantern for September 2008
  213. Which one would you choose for being redeemed?
  214. Tales of The Sinestro Corps Hardcover
  215. Scar - The betrayer?
  216. Green Lantern #32 *Spoilers*
  217. Hal has killed thousands
  218. Orange Lanterns are all ring constructs...
  219. Idea about a possible Red Lantern
  221. Who´s Lydia?
  222. How much do you know about Blackest Night already?
  223. Green Lantern Corps #26... delayed
  224. Bought Sinestro Corps War Vol Two Today
  225. Secret Files ?s
  226. Abin Sur's ring message to Sinestro
  227. A couple of ideas about the new corp's
  228. List of retcons
  229. Green Lantern #35 *Spoilers*
  230. Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns *Spoilers*
  231. October Solicitations (GL-related)
  232. Question on Green Lantern numbers?
  233. Green Lantern Corps #26 *Spoilers*
  234. *Spoilers* Sector 2261 now has TWO Planets controlled by Green Lanterns.
  235. Green Lanter AJ
  236. Blackest Night/War of Light prophecy
  237. How does the Sinestro Corps charges their rings?
  238. GL Rings... Magnetic?
  239. New Geoff Johns Interview from CBR...
  240. Mongul destroyed Coast City..when?
  241. Green Lantern #33 *Spoilers*
  242. Was Appa Ali Apsa reborn with the other guardians?
  243. Will Laira be back to the Corps?
  244. ORANGE LANTERN CORPS: What we know now
  245. I just reread the volume 4 material...
  246. ?'s About the Current Shark
  247. star sapphire corps?
  248. Green Lantern Corps #27 *Spoilers*
  249. Respect Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
  250. A possible clue to Blackest Night in SCW Special