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  1. Master Feedback list
  2. eBay GL Item of the Week!
  3. Ok I see people are looking for GL rings
  4. Checking interest in Kyle Rayner style rings.....
  5. Want To Buy: Light-Up (LED) GL Power Ring! (Dial-Up Warning: LARGE IMAGES!)
  6. Sinestro Corps Ring
  7. Green Anodized Titanium Ring?
  8. Massive GREEN LANTERN Comic Book Sale!!!
  9. Custom Lantern Shirts
  10. RINGSLINGER74's GLC custom figures for sale!!!
  11. Hogan Energy!
  12. If it came with a giant robot....
  13. New GL hoodie!
  14. 12" kyle
  15. WTB/WTT
  16. Need Sinestro corp AKRILLO
  17. What the hell is this?
  18. Look who's back...
  20. Is this real or a fan creation?
  21. Infinite Crisis for sale
  22. Selling more vintage DC and Batman items!!!!!!
  23. The Trading Block
  24. The Megaverse Streamline.
  25. GL Figure Stands
  26. I'm selling tons of my comics
  27. Shadow Tec hal jordan
  28. DC Pocket Superheroes?
  29. Selling Some DC
  30. Any GL Commission Artwork Needs?
  31. Where can I buy a custom Green Lantern ring?
  32. Selling some Darkstars comics
  33. I NEED some Sonic The Hedgehog Comics
  34. Need Assistance locating a ring
  35. lots for sale!
  36. superman last son
  37. Red Lantern Tee's
  38. would anyone be interested in having your favorite comic book cover into a poster?
  39. Wanted: Orion #18
  40. GL/GLC books for Trade?
  41. Heroclix Custom figs for sale
  42. No longer selling rings
  43. Green Lantern Power Ring lot for sale!
  44. DCUC C&C Piece Trading thread (Marvel BAF ok too)
  45. Does anyone have Superman: Hunter/Prey TPB or collected comics?
  46. Liquidation To The Max!
  47. Looking for a GL Graphic Novel
  48. Red Lantern Ring
  49. Justice League Of America
  50. Looking for some back issues or old TPB?
  51. This kind of made me happy reading this
  52. Need some GL books
  53. Anyone need custom Jack T. Chance?
  54. Older VOL 2 Green Lanterns for sale
  55. Seven Soldiers, Batman, others for sale
  56. Green Lantern Power Of Ion
  57. GL Figure John Stewart
  58. Hopeful favor...
  59. Hope this helps some people
  60. Artwork Needs? Commissions available
  61. Finally Ordered Mine!
  62. Emerald Dawn II TPB
  63. Green Lantern Baseball shirt XL
  64. Anyone want original art from GLC?
  65. I Got It Today!
  66. Anti-Monitor Points - WANTED
  67. Green Lantern
  68. Coast City Styles
  69. Green Lantern Class Rings
  70. I think I may have a surprise for you guys!!!
  71. Looking for some early DCUC/DCSH figures, loose ok
  72. Need DC Universe Classics: Nightwing.
  73. Want DC Direct Loose
  74. Green Lantern Art for sale
  75. DC comics in cereal
  76. glowing resin rings
  77. Pre-order your Blackest Night w/ ring
  78. Help us out guys??
  79. planet krypton set
  80. New Corps Rings
  81. WTB: Sinestro Corp Ring
  82. Looking for these..any help??
  83. For Sale.
  84. Wolverine Comics Needed
  85. Acutal Power Rings
  86. Green Lantern Archive Hardcover editions?
  87. superman batman collection
  88. identity crisis signed
  89. captain america xmen evolution
  90. Replica Prop Forums Registration -- OPEN from 6/15 to 6/30/09!!!!
  91. Who do I owe a ring or money to?
  92. I'm selling some of my DCUCs.
  93. Green Lantern Volume 3 1-181 Complete For Sale
  94. Green Lantern Emerald Dawn I & II For Sale
  95. DC figures for sale
  96. Now if only I can get my girlfriend to wear it.
  97. showcase 22 wanted
  98. Dunno if anyone has seen these yet...
  99. JLA cufflinks wanted
  100. hal jordan 12" DC Direct
  101. Interest thread for my Arkillo head sculpt
  102. SDCC Figures
  103. Some Comics For Sale - Mostly Marvel, Some DC
  104. custom figures
  105. Flash comics
  106. Lantern Corps Shotglasses
  107. Anyone selling a Wii or know someone who is
  108. looking for a sinestro ring from the sinestro bust
  109. Black Lantern Power Rings for Sale $6.20
  110. GREEN LANTERN #28 1947 Golden Age! Very Fine For sale
  112. Looking 2 Buy Some DCD GL Figures...
  113. SO...Those rings...
  114. Newbie looking to Trade or Buy DCD GL Figures
  115. WTB: Deadpool Vol 3 Issues 0-69
  116. DROOLING!!!! Don't know what to do!
  117. GL & other DC Direct LOT for sale
  118. Ferris Aircraft Test Pilot T-shirts
  119. Want to buy. Megaverse List.
  120. Trying to find a copy of Green Lantern Corps 33
  121. Anyone selling DCD figure stands?
  122. Looking for Loose Kilowog and/or
  123. Authentic promotional Black Lantern Ring for trade
  124. Blackest Night #1 Variant
  125. Looking for Blue Lantern ring
  126. Nintys sale thread
  128. New Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan Comic Con exclusive!!
  129. a couple of action figures for sale
  130. Have Orange Lantern SDCC exclusive!
  131. Looking to trade for RED LANTERN SDCC Figure
  132. Want To Buy Green Lantern Costume
  133. Looking for SSDC Exclusive Green Lanterns Blue, Green & Orange
  134. Looking for the SDCC Corps Rings!
  135. WTB: SDCC '09 Green Lantern First Flight Light-Up Power Ring!
  136. Sony Psp
  137. Need Blue SDCC Hal
  138. Need Help - My original help fell through.....
  139. GL zippo lighter?
  140. WTB Despotellis
  141. Bzzd custom for sale
  142. 98' DC Gl RIng.
  143. Selling Power Rangers collection for GL stuff
  144. Rare GL ring for sale.
  145. selling Red Lantern Wolverine
  146. any baseball fans up in here?
  147. Selling my Customs
  149. WTB: PSP UMD Movies
  150. looking for red, blue and orange Hal from San Diego con
  152. TRADE : Complete SDCC Hal Jordan's for Epson LCD High Def Projector
  153. Looking for a few DCUC figures
  154. DCUC BAF (C&C) parts needed.
  155. Couple Items...
  156. Looking for Final Night Tpb
  157. Looking for these figures
  158. Green SDCC Hal (+More) to trade for Red, Blue or Orange
  159. Selling some stuff
  160. The Walking Dead HC Vol 1 - 4 For Trade...Need DCD..
  161. Blu Rays For Sale
  162. Anybody interisted in a Set of Blackest Night Series 1 for $75 Dlvd?
  163. looking for...
  164. Plush JLU for trade
  165. Flash Companion?
  166. John Stewart logo shirt
  167. Looking for GL Watch
  168. Need help identifying this costume...
  169. Searching for figures
  170. Sinestro and BL Rings!
  171. looking for issues
  172. wanted: STARMAN!!!
  173. New option for nicely done power rings
  174. Who was the one who wanted my CRISIS issues?
  175. i was planning to sell this
  176. Tempted, but not sure
  177. iPhone for sale or trade
  178. Custom Costumes?
  179. Green Lantern stickers (for cell phones, etc...)
  180. Need DCUC Green Arrow
  181. old gl king rings
  182. Grundy Torso/Head peice for trade
  183. Value of Blackest Night Sketch Variants?
  184. WTB complete run of current Green Lantern Corps
  185. Anyone Selling DCD Alex Ross Justice Figures?
  186. Yellow SDCC Hal Jordan for trade
  187. Who wanted the new teen titans #42,44
  188. DC Direct Green Lantern Figures (Kilowog, Hal, Parallax, Kyle & More!)
  189. Lot's for sale!~
  190. I need a DCUC Hal Jordan
  191. GL for iphone
  192. SDCC Hal Jordan
  193. New GL items
  194. Some figure wants
  196. Red/Blue/Orange SDCC Hal Jordans
  197. Just want a price idea
  198. Selling some DVDs and Costumes
  199. Justice GL T-Shirt
  200. Shops rings GL???
  201. alan scott ring
  202. Raven Figure
  203. Looking for Kyle Rayner ring.
  204. Disney Pin Trading
  205. Rings For Sale...
  206. Looking for specific Figures willing to trade.
  207. Green Lantern Comics for Sale!
  208. DC Direct GL Stuff @ Toys R Us
  209. Mr Jason Todd's Clutter Clear Out
  210. Doc's X-Men Rummage Sale!
  211. Sandman TPB
  212. Green Lantern issues I am looking for.
  213. Spectre DC Direct
  214. Myuserid's Comic Sale Thread
  215. Tales of the Sinestro Corps War TPB for SALE!!!
  217. DCU Green Arrow/Black Canary/Wildcat
  218. Haves and Wants
  219. BROLYBERTO'S WANT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!11
  220. looking for dbz vhs's
  221. Doc's Ebay Listings!
  222. Replica Prop Forum Registration -- OPEN from 11/15-11/30/2009!!!
  223. WTB GL Power Battery
  224. DCU Wanted
  225. JLA Run
  226. Looking for Heroes Seasons
  227. Solace's BTS
  228. Solace's BTS
  229. Green Lantern Series 1 & 2 action figures
  230. Selling First Three Green Lantern Trades
  231. Massive Spawn comic lot for sale
  232. Invisible Woman and other figures
  233. Dcuc wave 10 Batman
  234. The Quest of Insanity
  235. Comic Wallets
  236. Larfleeze DCU haves and wants
  237. new rings
  238. selling or trading old marvel legends.
  239. Rare Starwars Vhs Tin
  241. WANTED: Metallo & Grundy left arm...
  242. blackest night tales of the corps #1
  243. looking for Gears of War figures have lots of DCSH/DCUC
  244. Needed: GL 21-42
  245. Green Lantern T-Shirts... and more!
  246. Wanted: Blackest Night Poster
  247. Handmade Green Lantern Wallets
  248. Does anyone know?
  249. In need of Green Lantern #9 (vol 4.) variant. Help please.
  250. Salaak?