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  1. Kylax figure coming soon?
  3. Alan Scott figure
  4. Green Lantern Candy????
  5. New section logo
  6. Sinestro Corps figures? **SPOILERS**
  7. The ring on mah avatarz
  8. Hal and Guy photos
  9. First look at The Batman Hal Jordan!
  10. NEW JLU GL
  11. DCSH --- OMG! (or how I love Big Lots)
  12. DC Direct GL Wave 3? Pics added 08.08.07
  13. new GL Minimates announced
  14. Whidh GL 13" figure do want next?
  15. Wow! Check this Guy Gardner custom!
  16. JLU Kyle Raynor
  17. possible new GL figures
  18. Stuff I picked up today
  19. Tilting Figure Syndrome?
  20. mini haul I got today!
  21. dc super friends
  22. DC direct ...... GRRR
  23. NEW JL series green lantern armored by alex ross
  24. Scalping to the Nth Degree: JLU Hal Jordan Figure!
  25. First Blue Lantern Figure Available NOW?!?
  26. Looking for some pics
  27. Sinestro Corps SBP on eBay
  28. Big news! DCSH Wave 3 announced!
  29. ok so how does this whoole pressing the lamp thing work?
  30. Anyone get their GL padlock yet?
  31. Ebay auction : To be fair
  32. Alex Ross Hal Jordan?
  33. GL original page for me!!!
  34. DC Direct official site update!!!
  35. JLA Series 1 Exclusive : Kyle Rayner ???
  36. Which Figure are you most looking forward to (now with a poll)
  37. the only good thing about marvel legends figures (Gl related)
  38. Who all bought the hal Jordan bust bank?
  39. DCUC Hal and Sinestro pics!
  40. Action Figure Photo Thread
  41. The WorldWide Green Lantern sightings thread
  42. The batman Hal Jordan pics
  43. Vs Systems
  44. DcUC now has a Modern sinestro variant for wave 3
  45. SinCorps figures
  46. Justice John Stewart
  47. New Alex Ross line announced in ToyFare
  48. here is the sin corp henshaw logo I have been
  49. New pics of DCUC Hal and Sinestro!
  50. DCUC Hal vs Grundy pics
  51. Who Do We Have to Kill to Get DCD to Reissue 13" GL?!?
  52. My Green Lantern Rings
  53. Action Figures Wish List
  54. JLU line going Target exclusive and expanded
  55. DC Universe at New York Toy Fair 2008
  56. New 13" Green Lantern pre-order sites
  57. How to build a Power Battery
  58. Not GL, but TDK Action figures
  59. Where are Kyle figures???
  60. More Scalpers, More Troubles!
  61. Custom-making for dummies?
  62. Quick question: Alan Scott figure
  63. Laira of sector 112
  64. DC Heroes Role Playing Game The GLC
  65. $5 off $25 or more toy purchase at target
  66. Van Sciver Green Lantern!
  67. When does Wave 3 come out again?
  68. Custom DC Superfriends
  69. Exclusive Sinestro Corps Heroclix
  70. Complete List of Licensed Products
  71. looking for the old kyle figure
  72. JLU figures question
  73. Crisis On Infinate Earths
  74. 7-11 Iron Man head Slurpee cup
  75. John Stewart and me!
  76. More of the Lantern.
  77. G'NORT
  78. DCD Ch'p Action Figure?
  79. DCU Imaginext
  80. Jade bust and GL boxset
  81. Should they replace the Manhunter figure...
  82. Anyone seen a GL kite?
  83. Huge DCUC/JLU/infinite heroes/Wal*mart news.
  84. 13" Sinestro Figure from DCD
  85. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman figures?
  86. Best Red Tornado figure?
  87. GL Necklace
  88. I hope the real Indiana Jones movie ends as well as this.
  89. The Batman as GL figure
  90. Yet another Green Lantern figure... JLofA series 3
  91. New Green Lantern Power Battery prop!
  92. New 13" Sinestro
  93. Shape/model of Power Rings
  94. ItsJustSomeRandomGuy/I'm a Marvel/I'm a DC Superman
  95. Does anybody know where I can get a better picture of Pelle?
  96. Stands?
  97. Current project: Mjolnir
  98. Alex ross JSA figures
  99. Anyone seen these?
  100. New Era fitted hats
  101. Post'em if ya got'em! DCD GL wave 3 or other items
  102. I need a huge favor from all who will help.
  103. Selling Green Lantern Series 3
  104. Need some help.. i need batteries
  105. Ring Replica's ?
  106. Cool Non GL figures thread
  107. Complete GLC Action Figure (6 inch) Corps
  108. When does the EVS Hal Jordan come out?
  109. SDCC Gl stuff
  110. Quick Survey -- Which 10 Green Lanterns Do You Want?
  111. Zatanna figure?
  112. Looking for a display case
  113. LANTERN_Lad's crap...
  114. A dc direct TEMPEST figure
  115. What figures will be in the new wave?
  116. Not DC related but still a nice fig.
  117. Is it possible for an electronic green lantern ring replica??
  118. G.L. joe!?
  119. Mattel ?
  120. Heroes of the DC Universe: Green Lantern
  121. Hasbro TJ Kyle? I never knew about
  122. Whippy Superpose = awesome
  123. Total Justice Parallax
  124. DCDU Voting
  125. JLofA Monopoly
  126. Battle-damaged Manhunter?
  127. Variant Sinestro is finally mine!!!!!
  128. Connor Hawke figure?
  129. 2 custom requests...
  130. For those who got the new 13" Hal/Corps
  131. TMNT Toys
  132. Superman/Batman series 6: Green Lantern
  133. buying customs
  134. New Hal figure vs. Old One... which do you like better?
  135. Fatality action figure?
  136. I scored a DCUC Sinestro variant!
  137. 13" DCD GL, my LCS's goof is my gain!
  138. Wal-mart computer info leaked on Mattel toys
  139. DC Universe Infinite Heroes GL relayted figures checklist
  140. is the DCD Sinestro a rare?
  141. Today I hit the Jackpot
  142. The Official DCUC/GL Classics/GL Movie Masters Thread
  143. DCD has reached a new low...
  144. where do you guys get/buy the ring casts?
  145. Any need the whole DC Direct GL Set??
  146. G'NORT
  147. Come On!
  149. Sinestro Corps Lantern
  150. Justice League Unlimited 09
  151. MINI NEON SIGN (bar light)
  152. DCU Classic Figures Wave 8
  153. 2009 DC Universe: Infinite Heroes
  154. DC Direct JLofA Series 3 Green Lantern Hal Jordan
  155. Supposedly it will be illegal to resell used toys...
  156. Final Crisis figures?
  157. Blackest Night Figures (spoilers)
  158. DC Direct 5 To 4 Figure
  159. How many waves will be in the Blackest Night series?
  160. Best Hal Jordan?
  161. Looking for a GL coffee mug...
  162. Tonner dolls presents Green Lantern
  163. Who's getting the 1:6 Sinestro tomorrow?
  164. Huntarr the Warrior...
  165. Mattel New DC Products from NYCC '09 *56K warning: Pic Intensive!*
  166. JLA Trophy Room: GL Rings Prop Replica
  167. DCD all color corps ring set
  168. action figure display case
  169. DC Direct at toy fair
  170. Gotham City Criminals Action Figure 4-Pack Now Available
  171. Diorama/Display Help
  172. GL uni-formz Hal Jordan???
  173. My DCUC score!
  174. Am I the only one who hates 3 inch figures?
  176. Finally a JLU HAl Jordan figure!!!
  177. Looking for minimates
  178. Graphitti Designs
  179. A Present I Got... New GL Watches by Armitron: WristCandy
  180. Is the licensed thread?
  181. Green Lantern: First Flight Maquette
  182. Screw Mattel
  183. DC Dynamic
  184. Here ya go Orion Pax
  185. Sinestro Corps Batman from Toyfare?
  186. Finally a Sinestro figure I won't buy!
  187. New Guy Gardner Figurine
  188. Cheap 13 Inch GL Fig Sale
  189. What Official GL Rings are out there?
  190. Johns reveals that Larfleeze & Glomulus figures are coming
  191. What do you think about this Batman figure?
  192. Custom clear yellow goggles for Eradicator
  193. My multi color Hal's
  194. New Mattel Action Figures Unveiled
  195. JLA Classified Kyle Rayner
  196. DCU Infinite Heroes 3-Packs BARGAIN ALERT!!!
  197. FIVE exclusive Hal Jordan figs coming!
  198. Heroes of the Universe Green Lantern Bust
  199. Question about toys and heat
  200. DC SuperHeroes Sinestro Corps Sinestro
  201. Secret Info!
  202. GL Corps figures.
  203. Cool new GL shirt
  204. New DC Character Shirt at Walmart
  205. Toys R' Us
  206. E3 luthor and ultraman review with scale pics with Green Lanterns
  207. Green Lantern First Flight Maquette is here!
  208. GL2814 you are welcomed into the Black Lantern Corps!
  209. Do we need another Black Hand and Star Sapphire? Comparisonů.
  210. Vote For Captain Marvel Jr.
  211. Acessories for your figs?
  212. The What's your number thread?
  213. SDCC DC Universe Giants - Flash
  214. Ganthet and Guardian...sticky???
  215. Wow! Check out all the new GL goods from Comic Con!
  216. Vote for new Marvel Legends two packs!
  217. SDCC Promo?
  218. So how many of you got the a Comic Con HAL JORDAN??
  219. Wonder Woman Blackest Night figure?
  220. Is It Worth It?
  221. I just dont have enough room - suggestions
  222. Mattel World's Greatest Super-Heroes MEGO style!
  223. GL:FF - promo ring battery dead, any ideas?
  224. SDCC 30 inch Anti-Monitor
  226. Preordering
  227. Green lantern Movie 2011 Merchandise
  228. name a dc character you want seen as a action figure already....
  229. Green Lantern Promo Rings reserve list.
  230. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  231. Okay, begin the speculation
  232. New plush DC Superfriends Green Lantern
  233. Justice League Lunch Box
  234. (New) Blackest Night Series 1
  235. Green Lantern Uni-formz update.
  236. Have the Blackest Night Series 1 Figures shipped yet?
  237. Marvel Universe
  238. it's friday flashback people- and this time we're talking SUPER POWERS FIGURES~~~~
  239. Who thinks there should be an Ame-comi GL?
  240. DC Direct Shipping Updates!
  241. Blackest Night figure flaws
  242. Black Lantern Ring from Allneedfullthings
  243. Arisia revamp
  244. Color of Fear 2 Pack
  245. Alan Scott
  246. Best e-tailer to pre-order figures
  247. Updated comic room pics
  248. Blackest Night series 1 Advanced look fron Newsarama
  249. Blackest Night Waves 5 and 6---What's your picks?
  250. New GL Ring