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  1. Kyle as Parallax? *SPOILER*
  2. Kyle's new costume in September (in color) *SPOILER*
  3. Is it time for a new Ion?
  4. So what the heck is Ion? *spoilers*
  5. Is Kyle faking?
  6. Reviews of the Ion maxi-series (1-12)
  7. The Ion oath!
  8. Kyle not the first Ion
  9. What direction do YOU want Kyle to take?
  10. if "Ion" basically made Kyle "GL v2"
  11. Kyle's Parallax oath
  12. Kyle's new costume in color!
  13. HUH... Kyle on another Countdown cover, vs. Hal!
  14. What Should Happen/What Will Happen
  15. Ion question...
  16. Fave costume?
  17. Which current Ion costume style do you like?
  18. Sounds like Challengers Kyle isn't our Kyle!
  19. How many "comic years" was Kyle GL?
  20. The Kyle Rayner Chronology Project
  21. anyone heard anything about the real series?
  22. How Mentally Old is he?
  23. taking control of this forum!
  24. do you like Kyle as Parallax??
  25. Kyle/Jade Question
  26. Kyle Rayner IS *our* Kyle Rayner in Countdown? (Didio interview)
  27. Kyle leaves the Challengers in November?
  28. Bit from Marz on the current state of the Kyle union...
  29. JLA Rock of Ages arc
  30. How cool would it be....
  31. What's up with Kyle's new ring? *spoilers*
  32. Stop pancaking the damned crabface mask to Kyle's face!
  33. Vote: Since the end of GL Vol. 3, how do you feel Kyle has been treated?
  34. Do you like Kyle's new costume?
  35. Who will remove Parallax from Kyle?
  36. the reason will never get a Kyle series
  37. Kyle in the Challengers
  38. Countdown: Search for Ray Palmer - Wildstorm #1
  39. Preview of ToSC: Parallax
  40. 3 Kyle appearances this week alone!
  41. Kyle's sector?
  42. Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax
  43. This is very difficult to finally say....
  44. countdown Kyle is the Ambush bug!
  45. Should Jade be resurrected?
  46. Kyle Rayner Character defining moments
  47. Kyle man-raped
  48. Costumes
  49. Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Syndicate #1
  50. Would she make a good girlfriend for Kyle ???
  51. what exactly is goin on with kyle?
  52. How do you like your Kyle?
  53. Kyle's battery and charging time
  54. Kyle's new green lantern oath!
  55. Kyle Shirts
  56. Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain #1
  57. Where should postwar Kyle go?
  58. Decent pics or Scans of Alex Nero
  59. So according to Newsarama WWTX report...
  60. Countdown Presents: Gotham by Gaslight #1
  61. Kyle vs. Roy
  62. Do you like the shoulder bumps on Kyle's current costume?
  63. Ion Maxi-Series Liked it? Hated it?
  64. Kyle as Parallax. Good decision?
  65. Would you rather see a series of Kyle as Ion or Yat as Ion?
  66. Is this list complete & if not what am I missing?
  67. Kyle's Current Suit and the Symbol POLL!!!
  68. Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Son
  69. Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Ion *spoilers*
  70. New Ron Marz interview about Kyle
  71. Kyle's Lovelife POLL!!!!
  72. Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman
  73. Kyle's identity
  74. What is your favorite Kyle Costume
  75. Would you buy a ION HC?
  76. Kyle Rayner
  77. Here's a nice pic. of Kyle i thought you'd all like
  78. When do you think Kyle was closest to being killed?
  79. Like the new addition to the banner at the top!
  80. Will Kyle hook up with Natu
  81. Countdown.....as close as we're getting to a Kyle ongoing?
  82. Bring Back Terry!
  83. Kyle gets PWND!
  84. Kyle and Connor in an ongoing?
  85. Kyle ain't gonna be a Blue Lantern
  86. Countdown Trade Cover up!
  87. And this is why I don't like Geoff handling Kyle...
  88. Challengers Ongoing Starring Kyle....
  89. Help me like Kyle!
  90. Why wouldn't he just go back to his old costume?
  91. Do you like Kyle being half Mexican?
  92. What was your favorite Kyle Rayner arc?
  93. Green Lantern (Kyle) Vs The Darkness (Jackie)
  94. Should Green Lantern Corps star Kyle?
  95. EFFIGY Appreciation Thread!!!
  96. Kyle in Titans?
  97. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Pics
  98. To all the Kyle fans..
  99. Looks like Kyle's leaving GLC again....*CD #1 Spoilers*
  100. Isn't it funny
  101. Whatever happened...
  102. Hope Corps symbol
  103. Kyle, Ion, and Continuity
  104. Yat as Ion
  105. "The Torchbearer" is it still Kyle?
  106. It's A Silly Thing But.
  107. I dont undersatnd
  108. 3rd gl for our sector?
  109. A Kyle title
  110. Darryl Banks on new Kyle costume -- DONE!
  111. Does anyone feel the same way about the corps?
  112. What to do with Kyle?
  113. Kyle / Natu
  114. Who is Kyle Rayner's best friend?
  115. New Direction POLL!!!!
  116. Best quotes
  117. Was Countdown good for Kyle... or bad?
  118. Should Kyle get a new costume, or go back to an old one?
  119. Kyle's Golden Age
  120. Kyle Rayner's Daughter
  121. Strange Kyle Question...
  122. Is Kyle gonna rip a GL in half ???
  123. A Kyle question
  124. Kyle will be blue lantern ?
  125. Kyle as the "White Lantern?" P.S this is long...
  126. Who is Kyle's best friend?
  127. Kyle not a Blue Lantern? But my theory.....
  128. Kyle in Morrison's JLA
  129. Kyle's starheart powers from Jade
  130. A second Darryl Banks Kyle drawing is coming
  131. Not Enough Kyle in GLC
  132. Who is Kyle Rayner?
  133. Is there realy nothing we can do with this kid?
  134. Are the novels out of continuity?
  135. Kyle, the Ion series, Sodam Yat... what happened according to Ron Marz
  136. How old was Kyle when he got the ring?
  137. What should be done with Kyle's character concerning this?
  138. Ivan Reis redesign of Kyle
  139. Costumes of Kyle
  140. Kyle Blackest Night Speculation
  141. I'm still upset over the Ion series
  142. Darryl Banks drawing Kyle Rayner & Soranik Natu
  143. How come Hal gets the rep for being such a ladies man....
  144. Ion: Guardian of the Universe
  145. Is Kyle Rayner inherently a bad character?
  146. what happened to allison chandler kyles nude model
  147. Kyle's PTSD
  148. How did I not see the Kyle/Natu pairing coming!?!?
  149. Are Kyle's villains systematically being wiped out?
  150. Kyle Rayner-Blue Lantern
  151. kyle needs his distinctive haircut back
  152. The Official Kyle/Natu Thread.
  153. Kyle vs Wolvie
  154. should kyle and hal duke it out?
  155. kyle vs jack t. chance
  156. Kyle, the 31st Century And Retcons
  157. Kyle being shunned in GL 45
  158. The Sinestro Corps War.....with no Hal, only Kyle?
  159. The BLACK goes on the LEFT!!
  160. Where was Kyle just prior to Rebirth?
  161. Did Kyle have a good rogues gallery?
  162. Earth's emotional spectrum corps.
  163. When did Kyle meet Jade?
  164. Future Kyle?
  165. Kyle Rayner is dead (or is he?)
  166. Why do people still laugh about Kyle's girlfriends dying?
  167. I say goodbye to my favorite character, and then I say hello.
  168. post your favorite kyle rayner pic or pics-- so SPOILERS
  169. Is Soranik Natu getting the "Power Girl" treatment?
  170. RIP
  171. No Kyle Here!
  172. If Kyle is actually dead and won't be back during Blackest Night...
  173. I wish...
  174. Kyle Rayner, Black Lantern
  175. when did kyle beat nekron
  176. Now that Kyle's dead ...oh wait, nevermind
  177. hey kyle fans guess what!!! SPOILERS coming out of the current issue of GLC
  178. Why bring back Kyle?
  179. Old Kyle fact can be laid to rest?
  180. Green Lantern: Hero's Quest
  181. Biology Homework Meets Kyle
  182. Kyle Rayner a blue lantern?
  183. Kyle with his own title request?
  184. New Darryl Banks commission
  185. New Kyle style GL shirt available
  186. Wait a second...
  187. The Painting
  188. Kyle's Relationships (SPOILERS from Blackest Night #8)
  189. Kyle as the White Lantern...
  190. a little graphic novel help
  191. Kyle Question
  192. Kyle in Brightest Day
  193. 1st Ion question
  194. Effigy vs Purgatory POLL!
  195. what if...
  196. 5 Reasons Kyle Needs a New Suit
  197. ION 3.0
  198. Ζero Hour-Death of Kyle Rayner
  199. A Kyle thread not about Natu or new outfits
  200. Who's the better girlfriend?
  201. Gwen Stacy or Jenny
  202. Kyle's Sexuality
  203. Would YOU Take Jade Back?
  204. Who was Kyle the worst boyfriend to?
  205. Does Kyle Rayner still have his old ring?
  206. Kyle's battery Pictures
  207. DC Comics Presents: Green Lantern
  208. Kyle in Green Lantern The Movie
  209. What ever happend to the grown up guardian?
  210. Did Kyle fight in both DC vs Marvel wars?
  212. ION
  213. Should Kyle Kill Sinestro?
  214. Kyle in JLoA?
  215. Why Kyle's the Ultimate Male
  216. Kyles rayner costumes
  217. Kyle commission piece.
  218. which gf was better 4 kyle soranikk natu or jade
  219. Why has kyle had so many costumes ?
  220. The Four Musketeers... minus Kyle?
  221. What if Donna wanted Kyle back?
  222. little question
  223. Kyle's Green Lantern Issue numbers
  224. What if Kyle actually framed Major Force?
  225. Your First Kyle Book
  226. Kyle. why does HE get dumped on?
  227. Kyle Colors!!
  228. Johns and Co. Are Predictable....
  229. Ron Marz & Darryl Banks on 1990s GL in DC Retroactive
  230. Kyle is going Blue!!!!
  231. Do you want Kyle to stay a Blue Lantern?
  232. Kyle's Run
  233. Prediction for Kyle at the end of "War of the Green Lanterns"
  234. Kyle's New Arch Enemy?
  235. Kyle Rayner leading "Green Lantern: New Guardians" ongoing
  236. someone made a blue lantern kyle rayner cosplay costume
  237. heres my choice for kyle rayner in a green lantern movie
  238. Looking for Kyle Rayner Pics
  239. The difference between New Guardians and Green Lanterns?
  240. No Relaunch Redesign? REALLY?!?
  241. Could Kyle Hook Up With Carol?!? He does.
  242. Carrying the Torch in NG
  243. Origins of Indigo Tribe
  244. Question about Kyle's Ring
  245. NEW Lantern of 2814... is Kyle?!?
  246. Kyle's Story
  247. Does Jade go to Earth 2 now?
  248. DCnU Kyle History Thread
  249. The Official ION Thread
  250. Tony Bedard on New Guardians, Kyle