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  1. So who is your fav Non human GL ?
  2. GL ring powers and DNA
  3. The definitive anti-Hal post
  4. Added new opening movie to site (now updated)
  5. Krona, Crisis & the Cosmic Egg... and "Trinity"
  6. An Alan Moore Tales of the GLC story relevant to the Sinestro Corps War?
  7. But why are they #1 in your eyes? (a more elaborate "favorites" thread)
  8. Lensman and Green Lantern
  9. What attracted you to Green Lantern originally?
  10. Doomsday
  11. Ron Marz Q&A
  12. Hal Jordan's CHARACTER
  13. Vote...Get Rid of Parallax
  14. Best Lantern symbol?
  15. Curious about Stel.
  16. Hal not really born without fear?
  17. Who is the WORST Green Lantern ever?
  18. Beware the Red Lanterns! Controllers...?
  19. Which Star Sapphire do you prefer?
  20. Final Crisis prediction: A 90s Earth
  21. Hank Henshaw
  22. The Hope entity Revealed.
  23. Broken Horns..
  24. Power Ring / Lantern colors
  25. Whose side will the Sapphire Corps be on?
  26. Okay I'm going to be the 1st and call it!
  27. Darryl Banks pencilling GLC!!!
  28. Ring-slinging...
  29. Vote for Henshaw!
  30. What If ???
  31. Firestorm versus Effigy!
  32. Parallax imprisonment & Power Battery/Lanterns retcon
  33. Moose updates with new Ion cover!!
  34. The Return of Mongul
  35. Sodam Yat comparison pics
  36. Previews are up for this week's GL comics!
  37. Replacement cover for GLC #18
  38. What's the biggest reason why there's no GL movie yet?
  39. If Chosen
  40. Poll: Does GL have a hateful fandom?
  41. Green Lantern the movie getting made
  42. Marvel universe Recruitment drive
  43. What did you fancy more? Hal as Spectre, or Kyle as Ion?
  45. Parallax/Cyborg Superman/Superman Prime specials
  46. Green Lantern is cool, but I'm not a fan.
  47. Green Lantern Sales Figures
  48. What would You Wear?
  49. Has DC dropped the ball again? (countdown destroying Sinestro Corps War) (spoilers!)
  50. Who's gonna die ?
  51. Final GLC #19 Cover
  52. What is your favorite item in your GL Collection?
  53. Interview with Geoff Johns (podcast)
  54. Superman: Last son of Earth
  55. 3 week gap, hurts the board
  56. Dec 12th is gonna RULE!
  57. 1,000 post and runnin(Tales of the GL Corps)
  58. Wrath of The Guardians
  59. 2 New Green Lantern titles by the End of 2008?
  60. If the Green Lantern existed in the Marvel Universe?
  61. Raker: Green Lantern of Apokolips
  62. Keith Champagne on "The Corpse"'s future
  63. Sinestro Corps in Teen Titans?
  64. Where the fu...
  65. All-Star Hal Jordan appears
  66. Remember when Mogo was infected ???
  67. The Masters RPG + GLC RPG: Anyone interested?
  68. GL Padlock @ Lowes ...
  69. A Superman-Prime Mini-Series. Would you read it?
  70. GL & GL-related comics for 12/5 and 12/12!
  71. Anyone who's good at making Youtube videos...
  73. interesting tidbit about Kyle in JSA #32 [SPOILERS!!!]
  74. What Was the First Issue of GL You Purchased?
  75. New Sinestro Corps tie-in??
  76. How much do Guy and John like or respect each other ???
  77. Which celebrity deserves a power ring ???
  79. What other kinds of Alien Lanterns would you like to see?
  80. What other Lanterns do you think we're going to see?
  81. Green Lantern Rogues...
  82. My beef with Guy Major's colors
  83. "The Blackest Night" & the Black Lanterns
  84. Empire of Tears... Black or Red?
  85. New Geoff Johns interviews
  86. GL Vision ???
  87. Theory of the Black Lanterns (Spoilers to GL 25)
  88. Elseworlds Green Lanterns
  89. Emotions: REPRESENT Poll/Challenge
  90. Sin Corps Emblem and Other Corps Inspiration?
  91. How do the other rings work, really?
  92. Sinestro Corps War....without Hal?
  93. Just caught this about the Guardians...
  94. Which Corps are you supporting in the war?
  95. Rings of many colours?
  96. Emotions
  97. TheGreenLanternCorps.com mentioned on a podcast :)
  98. The Green Lantern/Alias Connection!
  99. Kilowog's uniform
  101. New Ethan Van Sciver interview
  102. POLL: What era of GL do you Like the Most?
  103. Red Lanterns = a new Effigy Corps?
  104. LOBO. how many rings can one man have ?
  105. Ivan Reis interview
  106. Guardians of the Universe.......in name only??
  107. Alpha Lanterns? (discussion)
  108. The Evil Star thread!
  109. Violet/Sapphire Lanterns = possible foe?
  110. Lethal Force Activated... but just against Sinestro Corps?
  111. Explanation for Ion entering Kyle
  112. Emotional Attachment
  113. Inner Geek
  114. Fatality? (possible spoilers)
  115. Orange Lantern origins
  116. Bring On The Backups!!
  117. Multiverse or no?
  118. Ganthet contradicts himself...
  119. Lantern Styles
  120. A New Tradition
  121. Willpower + Hope =
  122. Since Blue + Yellow = Green ...
  123. Why do the Power Rings work??
  124. 360 owners
  125. Green Lantern Corps Oaths By God!
  126. Where We'd Like To Be VS Where We Should Be.
  127. Tales Of Coast City!
  128. Keith Champagne interview (Corpse mentioned!)
  129. Lost Lanterns. Who's Gonna Die.
  130. Who's The Most Powerful Character in Comic Continuity?
  131. Who Belongs to What Corps?
  132. poll: are Green Lanterns WEAKER this time around??
  133. Green Lantern Hall of Fame Class of 2008
  134. What Marvel characters would get what rings?
  135. GLC respect thread
  136. Tales of the Sinestro Corps and Sinestro Corps War vol.2 will be sold seperatly.
  137. Cameo Corpses
  138. With the success of GL lately, I'm surprised ...
  139. Kyle Rayner Mini-Prop (Any owners?)
  140. A theory on the War of Lights... and Mogo
  141. Ring signatures
  142. Design a new Corps Talk banner!
  143. Two part interview with Geoff Johns
  144. 7200?
  145. Secret Identity
  146. [OT] Im sorry, but this had better not be wat I think it is....
  147. Are Vuldarians gonna be part of Indigo Corps ???
  148. Is this a lull in GL?
  149. There's only ONE current GL that I don't feel comfortable with ...
  150. Who Is Smarter?
  151. My Orange Lantern Theroy
  152. Trade question
  153. Indigo Lantern recruitment question
  154. First "Domination"... now "Oppression" from Dan Didio
  155. Manhunter's upgrade?
  156. Green Lantern Music!
  157. How do you say "Oa"?
  158. All american Bias?
  159. Anybody else a bit surprised to see Fatality with a yellow ring?
  160. What are the Black Lanterns?
  161. What to call the new Corps?
  162. so according to GL #27: Alpha Lanterns = Ion v2.0 ??
  163. Would you support a re-telling of the Origins of the Corps?
  164. Admit it, "Corps"....
  165. Happy Birthday G'nort!
  166. What do Sinestro Corps do if not at War?
  167. Can someone explain the Manhunters to me?
  168. Here's a thought: Orange Corps = the Psions??
  169. Question about Mongul's Ring Collection
  170. petition proposal
  171. Post-Blackest Night... which Corps will survive?
  172. New article on Alpha Lanterns
  174. Rookie with a Question
  175. I just don't see it...
  176. tell me what u think
  177. Salakk or Salaak?
  178. Orange Lanterns Leader Revealed!
  179. NEW FRONTIERS :hal: rant
  180. Kyle or Yat: Who should be "the one"
  181. the batman tv show league team up!!
  182. Should there be male Sapphires?
  183. Third series?
  184. The Superhero Diaries: Green Lantern!
  185. GL Memerable moments and comparisons
  186. Go get Wizard number 198
  187. Sinestro Corps Directors Commentary
  188. Leader of the Orange just looks like this guy
  189. Newest Green Lantern!
  190. "The Hal & Kyle Show"... Episode 3! (special edition)
  191. The Guardians Are Dead Beat Dads
  192. What do the Guardians sound like?
  193. GOLDFACE + yellow weakness
  194. Casting call: Need someone for Guy's voice!
  195. For those that loved Countdown #16-13, CDtoA is for you.
  196. Power Ring Question ???
  197. The Indigo Lanterns thread!
  198. Secret Identity
  199. Do you want Sinny to rejoin the Corps? Should he be redeemed?
  200. Geoff Johns interview on Newsarama
  201. Ash, Scar, and the Death Corps.
  203. Possibly GL showing in Wonder Woman?
  204. Green Lantern on The Colbert Report!!
  205. What classic GL villains do you think should return?
  206. Old School Comic Books
  207. Kratos the God of War VS. Kilowog of the GLC
  208. Could A Green Lantern Make Kryptonite?
  209. What was the Massacre of sector 666?
  210. Theory about the Black Lanterns
  211. Could Deadman become a Black Lantern?
  212. Hottest GL of them All.
  213. NERO vs SINESTRO! Place your bets!
  214. DC June Solicitations are UP!
  215. A Band of Lanterns...
  216. How come the 'no killing' rule didn't apply to the Corpse?
  217. Kilowog vs. Salaak
  218. Voicework: couple of small roles needed... Kilowog and Salaak!
  219. Just bought Rann/Thanagar war and IC companion.
  220. hmmm ... i wonder if ...
  221. Why a RING?
  222. Green Lantern rip off tv show coming to Sci-Fi
  223. Who's the hottest guy Lantern?
  224. Could the ring make the perfect condom?
  225. WIZARD FAN AWARDS -- GL wins!
  226. What's the deal with Henshaw?
  227. Arisia question
  228. What if a ring became sentient...
  229. I've got really bad news for you guys, Ganthet is in Jail :(
  230. New Tidbit Regarding Blackest Night from LITG (Spoilers Ahoy)
  233. Someone help me.
  234. Gl RTS
  235. Peter T. Interview in Wizard this month
  236. Stupid question
  238. Green Lantern reference in "I Am Legend"? WTF?!?
  240. Villain Trade
  241. for all his fans: a excellent GL -moment
  243. Gotta SinCorps Question.
  244. Willpower or Courage?
  245. Which Superhero do you miss the most?
  246. Radu's Coffee Mugs! Get your Radu's Coffee mugs!!! ^_^
  248. Well done.
  249. Newsarama: Geoff Johns on Legion of 3 Worlds
  250. The thread of RANDOM!