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DC2 NEWS PRESENTS: Interview with Det.Comics writer Charlie Wilkins!

Posted 10-16-2008 at 12:43 AM by Prime

Q. How did you end up writing Detective Comics?

I can’t even remember! I think I pitched myself to Grant LaFleche, and he accepted, but I also chatted with Brian Burchette, because I wanted to do right by him too. Brian’s Detective run is what kept me at the DC2 for a long time, that, as well as New Outsiders. Two of the best books on the site, by one of its best writers.

Q. What plans do you have for the future of the Caped Crusader?

Plans… Three major story arcs leading into a massive secret project that I’m quite excited about. The first major story arc is this Suicide Squad war one, which has been so fun to write (and thanks to Jay McIntyre and John Elbe for being so helpful getting this done. Without them, it would have crashed and burned). The second is one that’s been set up right in my first issue, and the third is being played out right now in the back ground. I’m trying something different, where-in all these story threads are running concurrently, and they’ll be tied together as the months go on. We’ll see if it’s successful, but the main idea was: this is what TV is like. I’m not going to patronize you, I’m not going to assume you can’t follow seven threads in one story, I’m going to throw so much information at you, and if you can process it then and there, awesome, but if you can’t, the stories aren’t going anywhere, and everything will be built on.

Q. Did you have to make any changes when Dick became Batman or has your run always been about him taking over the mantle?

Nope, this run was pitched as my writing Dick-as-Batman. I wasn’t a big fan of the direction, but I wanted a shot at writing this new situation, and that turned into an ongoing assignment. Every day I spent on thinking about this project more and more story ideas sprung up, until we’re here right now. I’m plotted through till May, basically. And it’s going to be a freaking insane ride, for me writing it, and hopefully for you guys reading it.

Q. What differences do you see with how Bruce handled things as Batman and how Dick is handling the role?

Dick isn’t as tortured. I sometimes think we forget that Dick’s parents died too, in the same extreme vein that Bruce’s did too. But he hasn’t let that drag him down, in fact, he’s pushed past it, and he’s this beacon of hope, whereas Bruce is this brooding mountain of punishment. Right now, Batman is needed in the world, so Dick is doing what a good son/soldier would do when his father/general has fallen, he picks up the mantle, and he pushes on. He’s not going to let himself get lost in the darkness, though we might see him dip his toe in at one time or another, as Bruce did through his years, and the fact that his uniform has that yellow oval (something I never liked before this story plan) stuck on the middle of his chest shows that. He’s a performer, an acrobat. He’s not a juggernaut like Bruce is, and he’s not used to being so ‘in the shadows’, as it were. But he’s adapting, and we can’t forget he’s been trained by the best, and walked shoulder-to-shoulder with Superman, Wonder Woman, and all these other greats. He’s everything Bruce can’t be. And I think, already, or very soon, he’s surpassed the master.

Q. How would you say the DC2 Universe of heroes is reacting to the new Batman? Do they overall happy with the decision or is there some mistrust and uncertainty there?

Only the highest tier really know that something has happened, I think. Wonder Woman knows, and responded as only she could in Justice League #17, masterfully written by Don Walsh by kicking Batman out of the Justice League, because Batman was responsible, indirectly, for the destruction of a good part of Gotham, and the deaths of maybe hundreds of people! Those ‘close’ to Bruce know, and those close to Dick know too, the Titans, for instance. Most people won’t know the difference, because Bruce stuck to the shadows, worked behind everyone elses backs, but those who know the truth support the decision. They’ve seen Dick grow up. They know he’s up to it. Now, if someone else took up the mantle, they’d be on him like a flash, but with Dick? There’s that trust there.

Q. What can you tell us about what's instore for Tim as the Boy Wonder?

Well, my Detective Comics run kind of takes place at the same time as New Outsiders, with a few exceptions, and I’ll be doing without Tim for a few months whilst he takes a trip to a certain city with a certain other member of the Bat-family. I’m not a big fan of Robin, though he can be fun and interesting, but right now, with the story I’m planning on telling, there isn’t room for Robin for a good few months. I need to get a handle on Dick before I even attempt to use Tim indepth. Brian did fantastic work with him in Detective Comics #33, to name but one of the many awesome ‘Tec stories Brian told, but that kind of showed me that Tim was viable, and not just a waste of space like I normally thought him to be in the late 80s and early 90s. Tim only became interesting for me when I picked up Young Justice, and the start of John’s Titans reboot.

Q. Will any of the elements or characters that were major factors in Brian's run be important during your run? Such as Penguin, Two-Face, or Black Mask for example?

I fully intend to pick up on all the threads Brian left open, because there is so much potential set up for them! Black Mask was a character Brian and I really collaborated on crafting, and I think that ‘Masks’ are a major theme to my ‘Tec run. Two-Face, on the other hand, is going to play a big role somehow. I adore the character, and have some ideas scratching about my head to use him, but we’ll see how that goes, and if I have room!

Q. Any other villains that are going to be popping into the title?

Yes. Onomatopoeia has been stalking Batman from my first issue, but his murderous plans got halted due to, you know, the Suicide Squad, but he’ll be back in #38, and the biggest villain I’m intending to utilize is a recreation of Dr Death, who, after talks with Don Walsh and Craig Cermak, became this freaking terrifying force of nature who’s influence has already been felt in my relaunch of The Question. Hub City will be appearing in ‘Tec too, though not in the way you would all think.

Q. This mysterious "Dark Knight" on the poster images for upcoming stories in the Bat titles, what can you tell us about him? And is he friend or foe?

Both. When the time is right to reveal the project we’re working on with the ‘Dark Knight’, you’ll be terrified and surprised at the same time. I love that I’m getting to work again with one of my favourite collaborators, and that this character is going to get another chance to shine.

Q. Now to the Gotham PD, how is the fact that there is a new Batman going to affect the relationship between the caped crusader and Gordon?

Gotham is in ruins, and the GCPD squarely blame Dick. You won’t see the bat-signal in ‘Tec or Bats, I don’t think, not for a while. Gordon doesn’t trust Batman, not as much as he used to, and Bullock will pull his gun on the Caped Crusader if he even catches a glimpse of him. Things are uneasy. Things will eventually improve, but I think things are changed forever.

Q. What other plans do you have for DC2 at the moment?

Umm, I’m wrapping up my Wonder Woman run after ten issues, Doctor Occult will finish soon too (though as no one is caring to read it, I’m not too rushed about getting the finale out either… heh…). Green Lantern Corps: Liberation is building every month into something awesome, and Daniel Palmer and I have big plans for the GL mythos, though I don’t want to reveal anything too soon, and, um, there’s another project I’m working on with Kevin Feeney and that was plotted with Don Walsh that should be fun. That, along with the other secret project I’m working on, means I’m pretty much booked for a damn long time. I’m also editing DC2 Showcase Vol. II, which is a fun anthology title to be part of (I’ve just finished a J’onn J’onzz/Jason Bard serial that went down… differently, and have just started an Aquaman story with a difference), and if anyone is interested in contributing, they should drop me a line on DC2…!

Basically, the one book I’m truly excited about is Detective Comics. I’m so psyched right now, so before anyone ruins that for me, I’m going to try and get as much done as I can. The one bad thing about getting three months ahead of myself is that it means I’m three months away from feedback, and that kills me. I need instant gratification, or I’ll dry up and die. Dr Death is going to be such a f’d up villain, and he’s already started to get his hands around Gotham City in a way that even the Joker might be in awe of. Yeah. Seriously.

Q. Any closing thoughts? Statements? Hints and teases?

The Great Darkness is coming. Soon.

I also have to say, if you’re interested in becoming part of the DC2 community in any way, you’d be welcomed with open arms. We’re always looking for fresh blood to drain of enthusiasm and emotion… wait, let me try that again: we’re always looking for fresh blood to inject a bit of diversity into the site, and if you want to hop on board as writer, editor or artist, you’d be welcomed with open, groping, arms.
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    What is DC2?
    Posted 10-17-2008 at 05:30 AM by ComicGeek ComicGeek is offline
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    Internet "comics"(only covers unfortuneatley) where we all follow the continuity of the site. So it's pretty much internet comics without the interior pictures. We use DC Characters and such.
    Posted 10-18-2008 at 12:03 AM by Prime Prime is offline
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    Nice to see this up man, sorry I've not stuck around.
    Posted 11-24-2008 at 11:54 PM by HouseOfMystery
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    (Slaps Charlie)

    Where have you been? Welcome back!
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    I've been trying to finish my final issue of Wonder Woman. It's been a bugger, and I'm not even a page in. Eep.
    Posted 11-25-2008 at 10:34 AM by HouseOfMystery

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