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This is a blog about Action Figure Collecting and the Hunting that ensues.
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The Eternal Hunt - Issue #17

Posted 09-19-2008 at 02:57 AM by GLJIMT
Updated 09-19-2008 at 05:45 AM by GLJIMT

Today in the Hunt....

I was out on the otherside of Cleveland today, and I hit up a Target, DCUC Wave 1 warming the pegs, and a New Black Suit Spiderman in the Red Hulk wave of Legends, I know my buddy is looking for some of these so I hid that sucker behind some trash cans a few ailse over. BTW Marvel Legends are now 14.99 I thought it was just for the Hulk wave since the figs where so big, but this Spiderman was also that price point.

On to TRU, here they don't even have pegs set for DCUC anymore, No idea what's going on there. So I'm off to the next Target. There I find Spiderman, Adam Warlock, Silver Savage, and Wolverine from the Red Hulk line. Call my buddy up and tell him. He wants all of them so I pick those up, I start in anger at the DCUC Wave 1 peg warming sons of bitches and then grab an Orion and head over to the Scanner.

I hit the UPC on the scanner and the thing I have been waiting to happen for months happens. When you scan these at Target it tells you the price and the last line on the read out says "IN STOCK ROOM:YES/NO" Well it has said NO every time I have done this. Today the thing reads YES!

I start to get excited, I drop Adam Warlock, I pick him up and find a worker, I explain that they have some of these in there back room and I need to see them NOW!

He askes what I need, I tell him Wave 3 or 4. he leaves, seconds feel like an eternity. The worker sneaks up on me with a Box in his hand

Could it be!!!!!!??????!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?

"We have some Wave 3 figures" when he said that I think I shit myself a little. It's been fucking months, months of hunting!

He pulls the first figure out, CLASSIC SINESTRO!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

and the rest of the wave, I tell him I don't need the 2 GLs and he takes off with them instead of putting them on the pegs, no idea why he did that. However, I left the store with Classic Sinestro, Masked Slade, Nightwing and Robin. Time to build Grundy! I had somewhere to be so I unboxed them all in the car and built Grundy minus the one leg which I had at home and now It's time to complete Grundy!!!!!!!! This bad boy is fucking huge!

Finally after all this time and 16 hunts I have a complete Wave 3 (If I see unmasked Slade I may pick him up, but it is not something I will actively hunt)

I'll post pics soon as I begin my Action Figure Reviews with DCUC Wave 3 Grundy, Hal, Sin Corps Sinestro and Classic Sinestro.

Next up, in the hunt will be IH Defense of Oa Six pack, DCUC Abin, Classic Hal 2pack, and Hal 2up figure. all TRU Exclusives which I believe are due out in October.

Join me next time in The Eternal Hunt........
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    That is a very sweet BAF, great sculpt, hats off to Matel..........
    Posted 09-20-2008 at 08:22 PM by CH'P4EVER
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    GLJIMT's Avatar
    Just wait for my reviews!
    Posted 09-21-2008 at 02:06 AM by GLJIMT GLJIMT is offline

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