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Posted 08-14-2008 at 06:08 PM by Prime

An interview with DC2 Green Lantern writer and GLCMB board member, Daniel Summers on what's coming up for GL and the cosmic side of the DC2 Universe!

Prime: Ok first question. How'd you end up writing Green Lantern for DC2?

Daniel: Well, I started as a fan of the whole universe, and there was an open call for people interested in writing GL, so I submitted my pitch, and then a fill in writer came in for an arc. And after some downtime, I was given the reigns

Prime: Cool. So your first few issues dealt with Mongul on Mars. What made you want to use that villain as oppposed to say...Evil Star or anyone else?

Daniel: Well, I wanted to get Hal off-world, and I also wanted to address Ion in my first few issues so I had to think of a villian big enough to fill that gap, and he was a major GL villian that had yet to be DC2-inized. Plus, I got to drop hints of things that are WAY down the road.

(The battle between Mongul, Kyle, and Hal)

Prime: Interesting. Was having Mongul and introducing Hank Henshaw in the same issue(issue 12 I believe) a little nod to Emerald Twilight where they teamed up to destroy Coast City?

Daniel: I noticed that after I was reading back over the issues, getting refrences for future stuff too. I think more that they are complex characters that I felt were never really given their due in the GL mythos, and I wanted to explore each of them in their own way.

Prime: So it wasn't planned?

Daniel: no, not really; I will say that a Mongul/Hank Henshaw team up is impossible while I'm writing this book so coast city is safe from them.

Prime: Cool. So currently Henshaw is normal and a little bit of an arrogant jerk but will we be seeing a Cyborg Superman in the future?

Daniel: No. You will not be seeing Cyborg Superman in my book any time in the foreseeable future.

Prime: Any reason why?

Daniel: One, because I feel that Mr. Henshaw is a Green Lantern character and two, because who says he has to be a villian? For me, that's the appeal of DC2. Taking charecters that exist, and using them in original stories in somewhat...unique ways

Prime: Yeah. Ok so we've seen that Hammond is kind of growing in power. Are we going to see big things from him?

Daniel: Hammond is an interesting case; he really just got these powers, and he's like a little kid behind the wheel of a car...a lot of power, but still getting a feel for the controls
He hasn't explored everything he can do, but at the same time, he's red lining what he knows he can do

Prime: Cool. So you've shown in your sig that something big is going to happen for GL in 09. Total Control. What can you tell us about that?

Daniel: Ummmmmmm. Seeing as how we're still knee deep in current arcs, not much. But I CAN tell you it involves Sinestro, and what has happened to him since the beginning of this thing. He was ORIGINALLY supposed to die in that issue of Tales of the GLC but, plans change, and I will be addressing his appearance in JL vs America, and what the next logical step is for the chareceter

Prime: Cool

Daniel: I will say that Total Control is not a specific arc of like 5 or 6 issues it's going to be a banner on the GL book(s) for a while, and the payoff for those who stick around (if they don't kick me off) will be amazing

Prime: So it'll just be what's happening during Green Lantern in 09

Daniel: And beyond

Prime: Wow. Very very cool. I know i'll be reading.

Daniel: This, coupled with GLC Liberation that I'm helping plot and write, will set the stage not just for GL, but for the cosmic side of the DC2.

Prime: Wow. So it's going to have a big effect on a lot of the DC2 Universe...sounds good

Daniel: That's the plan...the wierd part is, we don't really have any cosmic titles (yet), so I get to pretty much play with the Universe but I won't be forgetting about Earth either

Prime: So any other projects for DC2 coming or are you just focusing on GL currently.

Daniel: Right now, just GL. I've been talking about doing some other one shots, but real life gets in the way. I love how it sounds like 'JUST GL', but that is going to take on a whole new meaning in coming months

Prime: Can we expect to see a return of Mongul?

Daniel: YES YES YES. hopefully, we can make outer space cool again, and you will see a rash of people wanting to write other cosmic books
I hinted at Mongul during the poker night issue, and I can promise there is a major payoff with that guy

Prime:Nice. So some of the things you have been doing with Hal's character deal with his relationship with that going anywhere good or is it going to end up not so good?

Daniel: It's a relationship. Who can honestly say that any relationship is all good or all bad? There will be tests, and we'll have to see how they come out. I will say that Mr. Jordan has been trying very hard here

Prime: So are we ever going to see a certian fear bug in DC2? Not necessarily after Hal though?

Daniel: No, I don't think so. Johns did great work with the seven Corps, and the introduction of the entities that goven them, but ill be straying away from any fear bugs or space whales for now. Call me out if I do use them, so I can know I'm out of ideas

Prime: Yeah best to keep the DCU and DC2 seperate. I will call you out if you do though haha. Will we be seeing any more Hal and Ollie interaction? Like Hard Traveling Heroes type stuff or for that matter anymore Hal and Barry?

Daniel: I'd like to think so. I want to establish the friendship between the three, and i don't see why those poker nights couldn't happen again in my run. I am a fan of the whole DC2, so it is a good way to catch the average reader on what's been going on in 3 books, and get people who might just read GL interested about other characters

(GL #14, "Guy's Night" where Hal, Ollie, and Barry play poker.)

Prime: Yeah. I really liked "Guy's Night". thought it established the differences of the characters well.

Daniel: Thanks, it was a blast to write. I love all three charecters, and wanted to make them all appealing. Especially Barry; I'm a flash nut too.

Prime: And to finish off the interview. One last question.

Daniel: Shoot.

Prime: Favorite Green Lantern?

Daniel: DCU or DC2?

Prime: How about each haha.

Daniel: DCU: That's a tough one, because there are 7200 of them...but I can say I relate most to this new iteration of Guy, but my favorite would have to be Kyle. I grew up with him as GL (I'm only 23!) so he resonates the most with me. Plus, I loved Morrison's JLA

Prime: I'm 22 so yeah I'm in the same boat

Daniel: DC2...well, isn't there only one GL right now?

Prime: Haha. Ok so how about Hal(GL) or Kyle(Ion)?

Daniel: I mean, I spend more time with Hal, and I think I get him better...but there's something about Kyle I'm just really fond of. he's not an ex military man, he's a kid who literally got drafted into being the focal point of a universe spanning police force. He brings that wide-eyed sense of wonder to the whole thing, and he knows he's in over his head, but as seen in Liberation 0, he wants to help

Prime: cool. So thanks for taking the time to answer the questions Daniel.

Daniel: Thanks for asking, and thanks for reading. Quick plug: the last issue of GLC Liberation will be a double-sized blow out that will encompass the main GL book too and GL 25 is everything you could ask for in an anniversary issue and we'll see the oath during my run, I promise!

KEEP READING GL ON DC2 for more and keep reading DC2 NEWS for up and coming events on their way to the DC2!
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    ComicGeek's Avatar
    Where are you finding this stuff?
    Posted 08-14-2008 at 07:03 PM by ComicGeek ComicGeek is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Prime's Avatar

    Daniel and I are writers on there. So I interviewed him on Flashchat earlier today.
    Posted 08-14-2008 at 07:55 PM by Prime Prime is offline
  3. Old Comment
    I said (most) of that!

    Posted 08-15-2008 at 03:35 PM by danielsummers
  4. Old Comment
    Prime's Avatar
    what? I didn't change anything. I just took out the flashchat stuff like [danielsummers]8:40 and all that stuff. lol.
    Posted 08-15-2008 at 08:39 PM by Prime Prime is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Boys, boys, let's not argue.

    Let's point out that I didn't get a mention anywhere!

    Shame on you, Mr Palmer, shame shame shame on you.

    But in all honesty, Green Lantern is one of the best books on the site right now, and if people aren't reading it then they should. Because really. It's common sense.
    Posted 08-15-2008 at 11:44 PM by HouseOfMystery
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    LANTERN_Lad's Avatar
    Fun interview Daniel. And HoM is incorrect: GL is THE best book on the DC2. Worked hard for that and you're keeping the torch burning.
    Posted 08-16-2008 at 05:53 AM by LANTERN_Lad LANTERN_Lad is offline
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    Well if the Lad says so, who am I to disagree?

    Posted 08-16-2008 at 10:03 AM by HouseOfMystery
  8. Old Comment
    Wow, you're right. I can't believe I forgot to mention old...what's his name again?

    Just kidding, thanks for everything Lad and House of Mystery
    Posted 08-19-2008 at 02:56 PM by danielsummers

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