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The Rose

Posted 09-09-2009 at 05:52 PM by Willpower

Jacob was on his way home. Driving through the dark woods, he was about 4 hours through an 8 hour drive. The road was dark, narrow, and had many quick curves. Late night fog was forming low to the ground, moving in as if alive, like a blanket for the night. Long drives such as this always inevitably led to introspective thoughts. Reminiscing on the past, planning for the future, wishing, hoping. As he drove along the dark path, something caught the corner of his eye, it was bright, but he couldn’t make out what exactly it was. He instinctively stopped his car and looked in the direction it came from. Jacob couldn’t understand what he was seeing. He stepped out of his car to get a better view. Whatever it was, it was buried deep in the dark woods, but it was so bright, it illuminated the surrounding area. As Jacob backed up a few feet into the street, he saw a pillar of light shooting up into the sky from the woods, in the vicinity of where that brightness was. Jacob was amazed and slightly scared by what he saw, but he had to investigate this abnormality. Grabbing his flashlight from his car, he started his trek into the thick woods. Once he was well on his way, Jacob knew this wasn’t the smartest thing he’s ever done. He had responsibilities to tend to at home, and the forest was suddenly alive with the sounds of its inhabitants. Millions of unknown insects and animals sang their song of the night, perhaps alerting each other of his intrusion. The brightness of the anomaly ahead was calling him, however, and Jacob would not stop until he reached it. Branches continuously slapped him in the face, nameless creatures ran to and fro around him, as if guarding what lay ahead. Onward he marched, it wasn’t too much farther now. Jacob could see the light shining so bright, his eyes didn’t adjust in time to see what was in front of him. Just as he realized this, he fell.

Rolling down a steep ravine, Jacob lost his flashlight, hit his head several times, and finally, as he arrived at the bottom, his chest slammed into a boulder. There was nothing Jacob could do but lie still until some of the pain subsided. Jacob realized he had left his phone in the car. He would have to help himself. He felt blood flowing from his head, and he assumed a few of his ribs were broken, although he had never broken any before so wasn’t sure. He rolled over on his back and stared up. There was the light again. It appeared to be just on the other side of the ravine he was lying at the bottom of. As Jacob looked up, he estimated that he was about 20 feet or so below ground level. He took off his shoes, and removed his socks. He tied the socks together, then tied them around his head, hopefully to stop the bleeding. Every breath, every movement, assaulted Jacob with a sharp pain in his chest. He almost regretted getting out of his car. But the light was still there, waiting; calling. As if in a trance, Jacob started his climb from the pit. But not back towards his vehicle, towards the light. The pain was intense, but his obsession to reach the light was even more. Gritting his teeth, he climbed, feeling for a foothold, then finding a place to pull himself upward. It wasn’t a flawless ascent, but eventually he made it up. Squinting from the brightness, Jacob moved towards the light. He looked up and saw the iridescent cylinder shooting into the dark sky. He was almost there. He moved past a few more trees, and came upon a clearing. Blood was slowly creeping past his makeshift bandage down his face. It felt cool in the night air. Jacob looked around to see if anyone or anything was nearby. In the brightness, he didn’t see anything. He approached the source of light, as if called to it. When he finally came to the center, he saw…a rose. Jacob looked up, and the light shooting into the heavens was indeed, from this spot. From this rose. One single rose, growing in a clearing in the forest. Jacob felt moisture under his blurred eyes, and realized he was crying. In awe, he sat down next to the flower, and stared at it. The light warmed him. He dared not touch it, even though he wanted to keep it forever, he couldn’t let his selfish desires harm this beautiful piece of perfection. So he gazed at it, for hours.

When Jacob awoke, he was confused at first. Clutching his chest, grimacing in pain, he sat up. His memories of the night before came back to him, and he looked back to where the rose was. It was gone. There was nothing there, but one red pedal. Jacob picked it up with tears, and started to walk back to his car. He knew that soon, the pedal would wither away, and like all things, his memory of the rose would be all that remained.

For one night, he felt warmth and love for something; feelings he’d lost so long ago. He was sad, but he felt a new hope for the road ahead. A hope that he would one day, find his rose again.
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