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This is a collection of my mood, my preferences and everything I deem necessary to rant about. So, enjoy...and welcome to Brandan's Bodega!
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Wally's Pick of the Week: 2/11/09

Posted 02-19-2009 at 12:06 AM by W.West

Back again for Wally's Pick of the Week! In case you don't know, this is where I pick MY favorite comic book issue of the week out of all my books. This weeks(I know I'm late...again) pick is Thor #600.

I'm not the biggest Marvel fan, but I've always been fascinated by Thor's history and all around uniqueness. With all the hype around Marvel's film-universe, I chose now to jump onto the Thor comic book bandwagon so I can rightfully complain if them movie adaptation sucks. GREAT TIMING by me! Apparently, I've been reading the best Thor stories in a very long time...maybe EVER! And I would have to agree.

JMS is writing this issue and Oliver Coppilel(sp) is the artist. And while I'm not the biggest fan of Oliver's work, it shines in this issue. I won't give the story summary because it really wouldn't interest you if you don't know the backstory. Just know its ACTION PACKED! The story wasn't as great as I thought it would be as far as development, but that doesn't stop this issue from shining. Whoever the colorist is on this, might have just solidified an exclusive contract. He's no MOOSE but he's damn good.

Final Rating: 4.9/5

Other Comics This Week:

Batman #686- 4/5 Confusing at first, but concept makes up for it. Not to mention Kuberts art is FANTASTIC!

Dark Avengers #2- 3.5/5 Second good issue, but not quite as good as the first. Hype is dying.

Nightwing #153- 3.5/5 Decent ending to a great run. Hope whenever Dick gets his own series again, its Tomasi who writes him. Kramer wasn't so hot this time out though.

Green Lantern Corps #33- 3/5 Average. Loved Kyle and Natu FINALLY hooking up. Also the pay off of Kyle's weird drawings. The O&O story was a bit better to me.

Action Comics #874- 3/5 Pretty good ending that was spoiled by the solicitations.

See you next(THIS) week where we get the final issues of Birds of Prey & Robin, and maybe Supergirl #38.
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    Give Dark Avengers time. It's only the second issue.
    Posted 02-19-2009 at 05:20 AM by Fearless Fearless is offline

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