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Grant Morrison and Wonder Woman?

Posted 07-23-2009 at 12:31 AM by W.West
Updated 08-02-2009 at 02:33 PM by W.West

First off, I have to say...CALLED IT.

So, Grant Morrison has probably covered everyone's favorite hero at some point. And for the most part, they've been pretty damn amazing(still slowly reading his New X-Men run). Anyway, like I said before, I fucking called it. Grant Morrison would be perfect for the suck that is Wonder Woman right now.

I said months ago that Gail Simone had pretty much done nothing interesting with the character. Now she's thrown her to the Gods, Ares and the worse villain ever in Genocide. And yet still, I find myself forgetting what what happened in the last issue. Its just forgettable comics. Grant Morrison would be the perfect for the suck that is Wonder Woman right now. I feel like I've said that before.

Now comes this (GREAT) interview with A.V. Club that features the following quote:

AVC: Youíve had your way with just about every iconic DC character there is. Is there anyone youíve wanted to tell a story about and havenít had the chance?

GM: Wonder Woman is the one I want to get to work with next. Iíve become fascinated by all the contradictions and complexities in the character over the years, and would love to do an All-Star Superman-style take that would clarify and redefine what she stands for, and what sheís capable of as a character.

Wow. How soon can Didio take Gail and her consistently boring artists off Wonder Woman and put Grant and his forever talented list of artists. DC treats their top talent well. Grant gets Quietly, JG Jones, Porter, Daniel, Tan and Mahnke. Geoff Johns gets Mahnke and Tan as well, along with Kolins, Reis and Van Sciver. Anyone on that list would do Diana justice, though I'd rather not see Quietly on the title...I want the comic to release monthly and consistently.

Another note from that interview:

AVC: How far ahead do you plan plot arcs in your books? How much editorial feedback is involved before you can move ahead?

GM: I plan years in advance, but I like to leave enough space in the narrative scheme to change things, because I always get my best ideas the closer I come to the end of a project, after Iíve lived with it for a while...
Just wanted to point that out. Pretty much screams that Grant has something already planned for the princess and is waiting for his shot to finally give her a character defining story. Give her a RIP, a Birthright, a Blitz, a Rebirth. She deserves it. Grant Morrison would be the perfect for the suck that is Wonder Woman right now.
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    I have agree with 1. your assessment of current Wonder Woman, seems like Simone is trying but failing, 2. Grant would be great and WW needs a Rebirth or what have you, and 3. Though I like Quitely, but would rather someone better know for consistency on board.
    Posted 07-26-2009 at 02:32 AM by neolantern neolantern is offline

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