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Conversation Between FrEaKjOkErXXX and Bruce Castle
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  1. Bruce Castle
    02-15-2011 01:46 AM
    Bruce Castle
    Everything ok? Did you not get my message?
  2. FrEaKjOkErXXX
    10-22-2010 01:01 PM
    No problem!
  3. Bruce Castle
    10-22-2010 12:48 PM
    Bruce Castle
  4. Bruce Castle
    09-30-2010 05:56 AM
    Bruce Castle
    Damn it. This is getting too big. That's what she said.

    I want to PM, but I'm too pretty, remember?
  5. FrEaKjOkErXXX
    09-30-2010 05:38 AM
    We get all those books except Casanova, which is increasingly grabbing my attention.
  6. FrEaKjOkErXXX
    09-30-2010 05:36 AM
    I should slap them seeing as though I try to get them to check out American Vampire and they say they only need one vampire book per month. It's their bad if they want that one book to be True Blood because their missing out on one of the best books on the stands, IMO.
  7. Bruce Castle
    09-30-2010 05:32 AM
    Bruce Castle
    So, is everything on my top 5 besides Academy unavailable at your horrid shop?
  8. Bruce Castle
    09-29-2010 08:29 PM
    Bruce Castle
    Oh, yeah. Apparently, you were in the thread I started once.

    By the way, you should slap your customers upside the head when they buy a True Blood comic.
  9. FrEaKjOkErXXX
    09-29-2010 08:26 PM
    hahaha I was gonna be shocked if you read that shit. The reason e order True Blood is because of the vampire fad (which a good portion of our costumers are into). I love American Vampire. Skinner Sweet is by far one of the best new characters around, IMO.
  10. Bruce Castle
    09-29-2010 08:24 PM
    Bruce Castle
    Fuck no. I just think it's humorous that you're trying to cash in on the vampire fad. I thought for a second that you were actually ordering American Vampire for the quality.

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