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    08-05-2012 02:09 PM
    honestly I would love too, but I have no time. I'm pushing 55 hours at work and have a 23 month old at home sorry man
  2. Ωmega Man
    08-04-2012 01:58 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Hey Jim! I was trying to get a mod in on the new GLC RPG... would you be willing to give it another go? It's got a stat system for leveling up and we each have health so battles are more like an actual game. Got about a dozen or so players with the option of making a Green or Red Lantern....

    Could you imagine... a B'ox Red Lantern!?!

  3. Ωmega Man
    06-29-2010 10:15 PM
    Ωmega Man
    Hey man you got a second to mod something for me? My LoSH RPG recruitment thread has a lot of posts because the board wouldn't let me post more than a paragraph at a time, I was gonna see if you could edit the first few posts with rules into one so it didn't look so tacky with multiple posts from me....

    Thanks in advance!


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