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Conversation Between Batjeepster and Mytholo
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  1. Batjeepster
    12-13-2010 02:10 PM
    With this new ring that I am currently making a run on there is no time for other projects at the moment but as soon as I have some free time I'll let you know. Thanks.
  2. Mytholo
    12-13-2010 05:31 AM
    I guess you didn't get my last note about what else do you make beside wings? Do they attach just like hawkman does with the small ball the pops into the back? I want 2 that are of fire or Fire wings! O also want a ping-pong ball in light green with a bit darker energy trail coming up off the ball of energy.
    Can you make me 12 or more round Dc figure stands in a YELLOW. For some strange reason, Dc gave Green Lantern stands for their Sinestro Corps figures or decided not to any at all. Sir, you want to make $$$$, Print off a adhesive black emblem of the Sinestro Corps I think you might have something Bub! Because NO collector of the Sinestro Corp has any...nope not one! Zeltch! How large of a space do you have to make your item to duplicate?
    $15 per set on the wings yes? Will there be flames coming up on the wings? Do you have a ping Pong ball, if not I can send you some. Oh, I have one of the Creature that Karu-Sil has in yellow, Can I get 2 more made to have a complete set of 3. You can't find them anywhere! I would be happy to send you mine as your pattern. If you can do ant or all, please let me know. thanks
  3. Mytholo
    12-12-2010 02:57 AM
    besides wings what else can you make. I have other items I like to be made in energy form. What size can you make up to?

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