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  1. Ωmega Man
    04-11-2010 03:38 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Any chance since your RPG character is a pacifist.... would you want to be one of the two lead Doctors on Oa? Soranik just turned Yellow and we need another new doctor to mingle with my tribute to MASH/Hawkeye: Adlanala. If you'd like I left you an opening in the game....

  2. Ωmega Man
    04-07-2010 11:15 PM
    Ωmega Man
    hey man you gonna jump into the RPG soon? I introduced a couple Sinestros specifically for a few Lanterns to get their posts up.

  3. Ωmega Man
    07-29-2008 01:45 AM
    Ωmega Man
    Hey, next time you're online you think you could help me with a photomanip? Thanks in advance!


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