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  1. Agent Purple
    07-22-2019 01:48 AM
    Agent Purple
    So James and Co. talk about Plan 9 from Outer Space in their latest Rental Reviews video, since it turns 60 now. I haven't seen that video or the film itself yet, I'll have more time tomorrow, but I expect you've marked your calendar.
  2. Agent Purple
    07-14-2019 01:53 AM
    Agent Purple
    #3 is a popcorn flick at best, but it's not as bad as it could have been (probably; I do need to rewatch it). I remember it having some good scenes (the shark appearing outside the aquatic diner was pretty good, and attacking the diver in the tunnel), and the idea is actually pretty interesting on the surface (a shark in Sea World, can't be found or stopped, and everyone is trapped in there with it because they can't just wait for it to leave; makes Amity seem pleasant). It needed a revised script and improved characters, but otherwise is a tolerable film. I'm gonna have to put #2 and #3 on my Netflix and give them another go one day.
  3. Space Cop
    07-13-2019 12:30 PM
    Space Cop
    #4 is definitely the worst. I remember #2 being watchable. #3 has a lot of flaws but I have a soft spot for it anyway because it was the new one when I was little and reminded me of my days in Sea World.
  4. Agent Purple
    07-13-2019 02:30 AM
    Agent Purple
    I just watched Stuckmann's Jaws 2/4 reviews. I forgot how terrible Revenge was (aside from tiny bits of it), and it's been so damn long since I've seen 2 that I can barely remember it (but it's apparently not quite as poor as I remember, just not great). Makes me wish Revenge had been a satire instead of a trashy horror cash-in.
  5. Agent Purple
    06-01-2019 02:40 AM
    Agent Purple
    We both know if it had even a tangential connection to Green Lantern, you'd buy it all. Don't deny it.
  6. Space Cop
    05-30-2019 01:59 PM
    Space Cop
    That would be pretty dang cool.
  7. Agent Purple
    05-29-2019 11:21 PM
    Agent Purple
  8. Space Cop
    05-02-2019 02:52 AM
    Space Cop
    I remember that bit in the casino episode. On a serious note, I was just reminded of how faulty memory can be when I re-watched Austin Powers the other night for the first time since theaters and realized I remembered one part correctly but put it in the setting of another scene. Weird.
  9. Agent Purple
  10. Space Cop
    04-14-2019 01:28 AM
    Space Cop
    You're seriously the only guy I know who would have gotten the reference without being told. It's called "The Clown Stays in the Picture" from Feb. 17. You should be able to watch it on

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