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  1. Bolerathon
    07-15-2011 12:02 AM
    He was great to me too. He even laughed at my lame joke. He mentioned in a podcast that Mark Miller had destroyed his faith in human nature a few weeks ago. I just asked if he was getting it back. He laughed at my lame joke!

    He bent the rules for me too. My friend wanted to come but is really ill and couldn't make it. I went over to his thinking I could take the books for him. It said only 2 items per person but since I had bought 2 copies of the book he knew I wasn't bullshitting and was totally cool with singing more stuff. So yeah, class act and now I have Batman & Robin with both Grant and Frank's signatures on it.

    I'm only one chapter into Supergods and I already love it.
  2. Keyser Soze
    07-14-2011 11:41 PM
    Keyser Soze
    I didn't do too much at Glasgow Comic Con. Spent a while there in the morning, went to that talk about self-publishing, and picked up a few comics from the exhibitors (including the famous "Anatomy Lesson" issue of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing in a back issue bin for a tenner!). Then I went away for a while and came back for the SICBA awards that night. It was a good show, though, I hope it becomes an annual event.

    Yeah, I was at the Grant Morrison signing today. It was brilliant - Grant's a really nice guy, and he actually remembered me from when I talked to him in San Diego.
  3. Bolerathon
    07-14-2011 11:38 PM
    I had no idea. Who did you see? I got David Lloyd to sign V for Vendetta and Kickback. Also got Gary Erskine to draw me a headshot of Superman. Did you get to see the make up appearance by Frank Quietley? Also I MET GRANT MORRISON TODAY! He was in Forbidden Planet. Did you go?

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