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  1. Space Cop
    01-19-2021 03:49 AM
    Space Cop
    I don’t think they had a bad split, but it sounds like maybe they didn’t have the same emphasis anymore. I think Rolfe is leaning more toward his movie stuff (and apparently music from some stuff I’ve seen) while Matei really just wants to focus on video games. I still hope Rental Reviews can return at least when COVID restrictions are done.
  2. Agent Purple
    01-19-2021 02:42 AM
    Agent Purple
    I'm going to presume that Mike and James splitting is largely due to COVID difficulties and that they're both making the best possible use of their time and talents without endangering others. If all we do is doubt then all we'll have is misery.
  3. Space Cop
    01-19-2021 02:02 AM
    Space Cop
    It's kind of sad because although I'm subscribed to Matei's Youtube channel, I'll only watch a two-hour stream if it's an absolute favorite game. I actually have become friends with a guy who's friends with both of them (and the Screenwave guys) and am tempted to ask him details. We're not that close, though, and I don't want to press something that could be sensitive.
  4. Agent Purple
    01-19-2021 12:26 AM
    Agent Purple
    I just signed into YouTube a minute ago (mildly surprised that all I had to do was click the button, literally nothing more). I have a massive backlog of videos but I am going to watch James's update. I decided to stop putting it off since I was scrolling YouTube on my phone during my work break and saw a video of "AVGN without Mike" or something and thought James and Mike had a falling out or that Mike passed away or something awful.

    I'm glad that isn't the case and hope Mike will still drop in sometimes, and I nearly cried when James said the AVGN games were going to release on PSN and XBL. More to add to my collection, it seems.
  5. Agent Purple
    12-21-2020 02:36 AM
    Agent Purple
    I haven't watched a YouTube video in probably a year, since I was having worsening problems with my laptop and wanted a new one (and I fell behind with my subscriptions). It's very upsetting to hear that and I'll have to check it out after I get home from work tomorrow. Might even have to send James a private message on YouTube thanking him for all the amazing JMM uploads.
  6. Space Cop
    12-19-2020 03:16 AM
    Space Cop
    Not sure if you watched James Rolfe's year-end update, but sadly he confirmed that James and Mike Mondays is permanently done. See here:
  7. Space Cop
    10-28-2020 04:14 AM
    Space Cop
    Thanks. Ate some sushi and watched a Rifftrax, so not too bad.
  8. Agent Purple
    10-28-2020 02:49 AM
    Agent Purple
    Happy birthday!
  9. Agent Purple
    08-23-2020 07:34 PM
    Agent Purple
    I don't play either, but I love the art and some characters so I collect. When I saw them I knew I had to mention it to you since you're also a kaiju fan.
  10. Space Cop
    08-23-2020 01:34 PM
    Space Cop
    I've never gotten into the tabletop thing, but at GFest they have a room dedicated to it the whole weekend.
    Anguirus is probably by third favorite (behind the big G and Mothra).

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