With "Guardians Of The Gallaxy" hitting cinimas in 2014, it gives me less hope for Marvels films, and gets me thinking about more deserving franchises that need either a first film, or a second chance. I've never even heard og GOTG until sometime after the film was announced, and I still know nothing about it what so ever. I've chosen my top five favouites that very much deserve a time to shine on the silver screen. In no particular order.

A) Daredevil Reboot
I myself and many other people I know love the 2003 DD film while others didn't. However I think both sides agree we want horn head to return to the screen. The way I'd do it is to do it in a simular way to Nolan's Batman Begins but with a dash of influence from 2012's Dredd, 2009's Punisher: Warzone, and even maybe a splash of 2012's Amazing Spider-man too. I'd start off with Kingpin as the villain and use villains]such as Bullseye and The Owl for future sequels. Maybe eventualy we could even have a DD and spidey cross-over with Kingpin as the villain.

B) Spawn
Face it. Spawn deserves A second chance. Although I quite liked the 1997 film, alot of people didn't. I think a reboot is definateley the answer.However, although Todd McFarlane (or was it someone else ) said that no supervillains would appear in the film, I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of that idea. Anti-Spawn or Clown/Violator would make a great villain for a first film. Either one would work, both would be a bit too full on though. Maybe even the devil himself could work. Plus with the popularity of dark and gritty superhero films thanks to Nolans Dark Knight trillogy, Spawn would be a no brainer.

C) Deadpool
C'mon man ! The marc with the mouth needs his own film. Whether it be serious i line with the other X films, Quite serious but with scenes of black humour like some clips in 2012's Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengance, or just plain comedy, it could work so well if done properly. Unlike many other comicbook films, this one does'n-t nesscicereley need any supervillains. However, what it does need is at least a 15 certificate rating (I'm using British certificates here) and for DP to keep his mask on for at least most of the film.

D) The Flash
The Flash has been a core part of the DCU for so many years now and it's not gottn a movie yet, and yet very minor and insignifcant Marvel characters in comparison such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ghost Rider have gottn one or more films, or a film in development. They've barley even realy done much developmentbwise with the Flash yet, we don't even know who they're strongly thinking about for the villain, no concept art, nothing. I think the Wally West route is the way to go, and I think Sam Raimi is the best choice for director as he did wonders on his spidey films and is a comicbook fan in general.

E) Dr.Strange
I'm supprised they've actualy not done him yet. I admit I know very little about him, but at leasr I've bloody heard of him unlike this Guardians Of The Galaxy thingy. Door Mammu or whatever the hell his name is would probably be a good villain idea. However unlike Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, the Ironman films, and the Incrediblee Hulk, I'd keep Strange away from the Avengersverse until at least the end of the second film in a clip at the very end. The character needs space to grow first.

Well that's five of my ideas. I could go on forever going on about more deserving characters, but I'm afraid this forum couldn't withstand the amount of writing I'd produce.

Anyway, what do you think of my choices? Donyoy agree? Do you think there are other even more deserving characters out there? Do youthink Guardians actualy deserves a film more than these Really? )? Reply with your answers!