There have been rumours lately about Matt Smith leaving the TARDIS is the upcoming 50th Anniversary special. This has got me along with other who fans thinking about who should play the 12th Doctor? Here are 5 of my strongest choices.

1) Idris Elba

Idris Elba is a great actor. I imagine that if he was put into the role of timelord, he would bring a dark edge to it similar to Eccleston did, but yet may also bring a friendly and more mysterious feel to the role like Sylvester McCoy did. Plus, with all this talk about having a first female or American doctor, has anyone actually thought about a black doctor yet? In pretty much everything else, they're always talking about having a black version of the character, even in Bond, and yet Doctor Who would be a perfect platform for that, and yet barley anyone's even considered it. Plus the doctors in my opinion are beginning to get too young, so Idirs would be the perfect balance between young and old. Plus he would be a truly interesting doctor.

2) Jason Flemyng

Jason Fleming would be an ideal choice for the 12th doctor! For a start, the doctor for some time now has wanted to be ginger but so far his wish has not been granted, Jason is ginger, so wish accomplished! Jason would bring the same kind of charms that David Tennant or Patrick Troughtan did. Plus yet again, perfect barrier between young and old. Plus as well as being funny, compassionate, charming, and generally nice, yet again he could have a dark and mysterious feel akin to Eccleston.

3) Andrew-Lee Potts

Andrew Lee Pots is currently the star of hit TV series Primeval. Although he is famous from that, he would be just so great as the 12th doctor! He'd be similar to Tennant or McGann as the doctor I imagine. He's funny, charming, and generally brilliant like Tennant as well he could be romantic, and heroic like Mcgann was. Although he's close to younger than older or in-between, he'd make a smashing doctor, I really don't know why he's not already been considered.

4) Patrick Stewart

Ok, a little more controversial here, but so what? Patrick is an amazing actor, and has had experience with sci-fi before in Star Trek and X-Men. If we were going the William Hartnel/Jon Pertwee route again, Stewart would be my number one choice. Plus if Moffat likes bit plot twists so much, having the youngest doctor ever to regenerate into one of the oldest doctors ever would be a pretty big one hey! Plus it would be interesting to see River Song's response to her love interest turning from a young ripe bumbling man to an older more heroic and traditional man. Patrick would just be great!

5) Damien Molony

Damien would be a great replacement to Smith! Appearing in "Being Human" as the vampire Hal, Damien is no stranger to sci-fi and horror. He would be quite similar to Paul McGann's incarnation of the doctor, and a posh doctor would be a nice change. Damien would be a heroic doctor, I could imagine him facing off against he Daleks as we speak!

So there are 5 of my strongest choices for the role of doctor. Hope you enjoyes my little list. )