It's highly possible that The Master will appear in series 8 of Doctor Who. While John Simm could return, I find this unlikely. He was great in his day but I don't think he would work well on screen with Capaldi (he could have worked with Smith though, oh why didn't he ever appear with Smith?). So anyway, here's some actors who should be the next Master.

1) Stephen John Shepard

Those of you from Britain and who watch Eastenders should know who Stephen John Shepard is, but in case you can't recognise him with a beard, Stephen played Michael Moon.

Shepard would be perfect for the Master and I remember thinking before the rumour came up that he should be The master or The Valeyard. He has a creepy air around him, he plays psychopaths very well, he has the voice, he has a great vocabulary that would suit the Master down to the ground, and he looks dashing with a beard! Shepard is about 15 years younger than Capaldi, but I think the age gap doesn't matter. I could see Shepard be a more default Master like Antony Ainley and just like Ainley I could see Shepard be the Master for longer than Capaldi is the doctor. He could be the Master for a whole decade if he wanted. He could face numerous doctors.

2)Ben Miles

He was originally my first choice to play the Master, but recently since rumours that Stephen John Shepard would play the Master started to appear, Ben Miles was placed only in second place. While Shepard is a realistic choice that could really happen and Miles probably hasn't even been considered by the BBC, I think he would be perfect. Once again he could outlast Capaldi like Ainley outlasted Tom Baker and Peter Davison. He looks great in a beard, he has the voice that reminds me so much of Ainely, he has the look and feel of the Master and the vocabulary!

He is of similar age to Capaldi too, so those two would be perfect together!

3) Jonathan Rhys Meyers

He has the look, he has the air, the voice, the vocabulary, he has it all! True he probably would have been better suited to a younger doctor such as Tennant, but him and Capdli could still work. In the past, the Doctor has been the handsome one and the Master has been lesser so (save for Simm who is the equal to Tennant), but I think it'd be fun to have the Doctor as old and rather unattractive (c'mon, who thinks Capaldi is hot?) and the Master to be handsome and easily getting women. Think of it as a slight reverse of "The Deadly Assassin". He'd probably have a great grin for the role too, a really evil and disturbing one that neither Miles nor Shepard could so quite as well as Meyers. Although maybe we should just save him for a younger doctor in the future.

4) Benedict Cumberbatch

Granted I think Cumberbatch would have by far suited Smith's doctor more and he probably wouldn't have accepted the role if offered, plus I think he'd be better for Omega (the voice is just perfect!), he would still be a great Master in general. Maybe not up against Capaldi, but one day it could work again! As for the reasons for his casting, need I say? The eyes, the expression, the voice, the everything!

5)Gary Oldman

This would probably never ever happen but it's good to dream now and then! He would be a humorous Master, although he could also be hammy at times. Or he could just go for a more serious feel. He could work against Capaldi, but lets face facts now, it will never happen. Maybe if Doctor Who got a big blockbuster film then it could happen (although that might tempt Cumberbatch) but to be honest it's not likely.

I admit I struggled to think of a fifth choice and nearly went with Patrick Stewart, but I went with Oldman instead. He has the look to him really plus he's just a great actor. Actually maybe I should have picked Stewart instead.

Anyway there you have it, my five choices for the Master. So, how about you, what's your opinions?