Ok, Lets get this over with..

"Today we will fight back, And destroy the black lanterns, And stop this plague, And end their terror, You all will step up and DEFEAT the leader, Who is not yet identified, You will have to navigate to the main central, Good luck." A guardian said, The army of green lanterns behind me salutes and we all put our rings into the huge lantern, And teleported to the black lantern ship, We took out some guards, And decided to meet up at the boss room, Hal, John, Kyle, And guy went to turn of all security systems, They succeeded, So off we went,
I went solo, The others went in packs, I took out a few guards, and some robots, And opened a panel, Then used my ring to identify it as the telepanel, I clicked a button and suddenly, The army and I appeared in the boss`s room, Hundreds of black lanterns faced us, We fought like WOLVES, Many green lanterns got transformed, Blood was shedding everywhere, Screams of pain, Laughs of evil, And blasts of green flooded the room, I took out two black lanterns, And crunched their rings into DUST, The plague got EVERYWHERE, It got on me...

I felt a horrible sensation, As if I were dying, I felt black spreading onto my body, My ring, And suddenly.. I was floating in empty space, Not in my uniform... Not with a ring.. Just floating..
I knew deep down I had turned, So I fought.. Dear god I fought. I unleashed every bit of willpower, I unleashed every bit of just POWER.. And the black spreaded off of me, A huge green ball covered us all, Turning us all into light lanterns, Except the leader..
We all aimed at the mysterious black lantern leader, In his hands, He held a black lantern, And on his finger, A black ring.. That lantern powered the EXISTANCE of his black ring.
"You found me.. Precious little Light doo`ers.. Well.. You might have beat me now, But the rest is just to come!" He yelled, And disappeared, He left his lantern behind, We blasted it, But we knew that he still had his ring, And with enough materials, He could recreate the lantern, But for now, We won, We reported back to the guardians.
"Good Job! You have protected the universe. Your rings deserve a Charging."

The guardians chose me to say the oath.

I held my ring at my lantern, And started to speak.
In brightest day, in blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

-END, For now, Continuing very soon.-