This took a lot of time, And a lot of heart, I put my mind into this story with as much power as possible, Thank you Naysay, For being so negative that it fueled me to write this as it is.

In a world filled with danger...
Nine corps protect the universe.. Or destroy it.

The nine corps bear rings (Except for one called the indingo corps) which run off an emotion, Like willpower, Hate, Fear, And others, But these rings are very powerful in the wrong hands...

So they`re in the wrong hands..

Hello, My name is Pierce Flailhold.. How can I remember that after last night?

In the past twenty four hours, I went through so much pain only to be turned down by the black lantern leader, I was floating in through the universe, Zooming to the guardians,
When I got there, They all greeted me.
"Pierce Of Earth, We have no other hope except a new ion, We trust you with this responsibility of holding the power of ion within your humanly soul, Hold it well, As we are giving you a mission to track down the BLACK LANTERN CORPS ION. This ion is extremely dangerous, And needs to be contaminated completely in any way possible, Destroy his ring which he wears, That will kill him." one said and pushed me through a green portal, Shoving me fourty million lightyears. I landed on solid ground, Was that rock? Clyptoid? No... It was kryptionan rock, Holy crap, I was on KRYPTON, The exploded planet, Wait... No.. This was its brother planet, Knyptilanon. I yawned, Shoving my ring off my finger, I was Ion now, Didnt need it, But holy hell.. I sure was about to.

-CONTINUED IN P2 of 3!!!-