Welcome to another installment of C3, where I can write and say whatever the hell I want, and you can't! j/k Anyways, I do have an issue to address that's been bugging me for a while now...

So, I was re-reading Booster Gold #2 the other night. The issue entails Booster going back in time to save Guy Gardner from meeting Sinestro too soon. So, in the issue, Booster meets and fights Sinestro, and he utilizes the still-present weakness to the color yellow. Now, in order to end the fight and cool tensions, Booster pretends to be Sinestro's biggest fan and has come back in time to warn Sinestro that he is being tricked into showing fear over a replacement. Now, at the end, Sinestro notices Booster has a ring on as well (His Legion ring), and Booster, to stroke Sinestro's ego, says everyone wears them as a tribute to him. Then, Sinestro questions why a yellow ring, and what Corps he belongs to, and Booster says the Sinestro Corps, and that's the end of it.

So, here's my question, WHAT the F*CK JUST HAPPENED?! OK, wouldn't Sinestro, a Green Lantern and good guy at the time, have been set off by the fact that HIS tribute rings are yellow, the present color of weakness, fear, and EVIL? Did he just not notice, or not care? And, if so, was he just ALWAYS evil? I don't know, man... but it keeps me up at night(It really doesn't). So, what do you think?

~Always chillin' (Where'd the couch guy go?...)