WHAT'S CRACKIN' LITTLE BITCHES?! It's the triumphant return of C3! Yep, time to get back to the original blog o' mine! So, let's get started!

(WARNING: This blog MAY or MAY NOT contain any spoilers about anything ever. Viewer discretion is non-approved... but you can still read anyways.)

~Anyone else hear about this new Star Trek MMO they're developing? I heard about it the other day, and thought, "What a waste..." I mean, been there, done that, got the STAR WARS MMO... I mean, I really don't see a difference, except for the fact that Star Wars is cooler. I mean, Star Wars is so much more expanded, and has more substance. I mean, if they make every ship The Enterprise, I shall mock you Trekkies 4 LIFE! Anyways, moving on...

~Pop the champagne, bitches! We got a wedding to celebrate!! Yep. We do. Ryan Reynolds, who most of you know by now as Deadpool, and, hopefully soon, The Flash, has tied the knot with Scarlett Johansson outside of Vancouver in Canada this past Saturday. Not much else is known. ...Well, time to sit back and watch another celebrity couple detonate in front of us. ...Grab something to read. This takes a while...

~Because I can, I'd like to give a birthday shout-out to my friend and new recruit to the GLCMB Dom92. ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!... Don't ecpect any presents...

~*STARTING SHAMELESS PLUG* Hey there, pals and gals! Be sure to check out the Masters RPG, the best and most interesting thread in this place!*ENDING SHAMELESS PLUG*

~Also, because I can, I'm gonna spotlight one of the best damn writers over on deviantART. Her name's Kira73, and she specializes in Avatar. Be sure to check out her kick-ass fics. If you don't, I will come to your house and I will CUT YOU!

Anyways, it's been good, but I must depart. So, that's it for me. Be sure to feed the American economy(We DESPERATELY need it!!!), worship the Almighty Jim, and give General Lee a 6-pack. Until next time.

~Always chillin'