Welcome, one and all, to THE ROGUES GALLERY! Have you appreciated YOUR villains today? If not, then this counts. SO, let's get rolling.


--We got a bold, new villain this week in Justice League of America #25(DOUBLE-SIZED!), in the form of the African spider-god. Yep, Anansi, an African god known for owning all stories, made his villainous debut this week, and appearing in a big and entertaining way. First, he pulls Vixen into his realm via Tantu Totem. He then pulls in Animal Man, and Black Canary, Red Arrow, and Firestorm follow them in. But, Anansi, owning all stories had a story to tell. He first made it so that Roy NEVER became Red Arrow, but stayed under the name of Speedy. He then made it so Roy fell off the wagon, thus affecting his arm. Loosing his aim, he shot Dinah in the back, killing her. But, not before she let out a 'death scream'. The scream is so powerful, that it bursts Roy's ear drums, and shatters his skull. Firestorm, though not dying, is distracted long enough to be eaten alive by Anansi's spiders. Then, the entire League followed in. Now, this is where SHIT GOES DOWN- Batman never becomes 'Batman', but instead Paladin, a vengeance-seeking, gun-wielding, Cowboy-themed 'hero', who is ironically best friends with Jim Gordon of the police. Next, instead of finding Hal, Abin Sur's ring instead finds David Kim, the man who 'truly' deserved it. Next, Kid Flash turned out to really be from the future, and Ocean Master, having killed Aquaman, took up his responsibilites, as both Atlantean king and superhero. This group formed a new kind of Justice Leage, headed up by a married Superman and Wonder Woman. Soon, Superman died at the hands of Doomsday, Wonder Woman left the League, and the League fell apart alltogether. While he is talking, Mari manages to escape into this world of his, and runs to try and find help. But, while she runs, Anasi starts a new story. One yet to be revealed...

--Batman took a sick and insane turn this week in Batman #680. As Batman R.I.P. rolls on, we saw a new villain take part in the Black Glove's schemes: The Joker. First, Gordon made his way through Wayne Manor, and was eventually assissted by Talia al-Ghul, Damien, and Merlyn. Also, Joker began to toy with Batman, as he always does. This, ultimately, lead to a confrontation, but not before Joker killed El Sombrero in front of Doctor Hurt and the Black Glove's customers. Soon, they met, and Joker held Jezebel hostage. They talked a lot, fought a little, and, of course, Batman one. And, he attempted to save Jezebel from one of Joker's creations, red and black flower petals that release a neurotoxin of Joker Venom. Batman dove into the room, and attemtped to save her, but was overcome by the toxin. But, not before seeing Jezebel walked free on her own, and that she is, in fact, a member of the Black Glove. And, that was where the story ended. Until next issue...

Well, that's all I got this week folks. I'm out. But, not before leaving you to marvel at a piece of villain artowork. This week, we got Aquaman's own brother, the villainous Ocean Master!

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. Because, without the villains, there'd be no heroes.