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  • Welcome & Rules

    The rules ~

    1) Refrain from attacking individuals, or baiting/starting/participating in flame wars. Name calling of other members is not tolerated -- whether you're a Hal Jordan fan or Kyle Rayner fan be open to the views and opinions of other fans. You dislike, even hate a story or character, this is fine and feel free to voice your opinion -- but direct flaming/name-calling of other members is not acceptable.

    2) Be mindful of giving spoilers. When posting potential spoilers of future comics or events or even pictures, please... 1. Refrain from mentioning the spoiler in the title of your post, 2. Highlight your spoiler-relevant text and make it the color black (by clicking on the toolbar), so that it can only be revealed by highlighting it (include a note "Highlight to reveal text" or something to that effect), 3. Include a "*SPOILER*" type tag in the subject/title of your message. 4. An additional "*SPOILER*" tag followed by spaces concluded by your spoiler within the body of a message would be polite, but is not required.

    3) No nudity. Self-explanatory. If one day there proves to be enough demand for an age-based Adult Forum within the message board, that may lay on the horizon -- until then, it doesn't belong on this board. In the mean time, if you must, you may include external links to said material relevant to active discussions (while not actually posting it here). This is a bit of a gray area that will be closely moderated.

    4) No Gambling. No Gambling, Raffles or games of chance are not permited on-site. There are plenty of laws against such things on and off line. We here at the GLCMB feel you can gamble at plenty of other places online hence it is not acceptable here.

    5) Keep signature imagery within reason. We won't set a specific limit (aside from limiting to only one banner), but you should be able to be a judge of what is reasonable sized and what is ridiculously large or excessive for a signature. If you can't be, then mods will step in. If it takes up half the screen it is too large (text included)

    6) Scans of official comics and torrents, downloadable official comics. Reasonable scanning (a page or two of a given issue) is acceptable, but scanning entire comics or sizeable amounts of given issues is not. Direct linking to torrents or how/where to illegally download official comics is not allowed, at least outside of PM (private messaging) -- and we personally frown on it here at the GLC Message Board.

    7) Have fun!

    This is an uncensored (language-wise) Green Lantern message board (though not unmoderated). Here you can feel free to discuss any avenue of Green Lantern you would like and are encouraged to do so.

    Anything I or the other moderators can do to help, send us a message.

    * : A common question is "Why do the messages get listed newest to oldest?" You can change this in "User CP" and your settings.
    *: Another common question is, "Why can't I post after registering?" Your account must be approved by our Site Admin before you may post.

    - Andrew
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