The point of this Forum Section

Some members are a little iffy on what should go in the Games & Humor forum section so.

Trivial games like "the person above you game" should be placed in this forum.

Humor of all kinds also belongs here, like the "Superman has a problem with kinky sex" thread.

What does not belong here would be things like video games, board games. Or humor coming directly out of comic books or discussion of books.

Boardgames and the like would go in the Action Figure and Toys section as could video games, though those could also be posted in the General Forum Section.

also any posts in this Forum Section do not count towards your post count.

Hope that helps!
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"15 Minutes" with JohnnyV

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    If moonstone were killed, to what extents would you go to make marvel resurrect her?

    Of what you've read, what have been your all time favorite comic events & why?

    Which kind of video games do you like?

    If you could make a sitcome what would be it's main theme?


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      Your 15 minutes have ended. Please join us for 15 Minutes with havik
      I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.