The point of this Forum Section

Some members are a little iffy on what should go in the Games & Humor forum section so.

Trivial games like "the person above you game" should be placed in this forum.

Humor of all kinds also belongs here, like the "Superman has a problem with kinky sex" thread.

What does not belong here would be things like video games, board games. Or humor coming directly out of comic books or discussion of books.

Boardgames and the like would go in the Action Figure and Toys section as could video games, though those could also be posted in the General Forum Section.

also any posts in this Forum Section do not count towards your post count.

Hope that helps!
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Awesome Amalgams - The Glorious Finale! Irongreen2814 vs Shingo Wol

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  • Awesome Amalgams - The Glorious Finale! Irongreen2814 vs Shingo Wol

    • Zatanna (DC comics) + Zauriel (DC Comics) = THE ANGEL MAGICIAN
    • The Scarlet witch (Marvel) + Atom Eve (Image) = The Atomic Witch!!!
    • The White Ranger (Marvel) + Rodimus Prime (IDW?) = Rodimus Ranger
    • Mysterio (Marvel) + Reed Richards (Marvel) = Mr. Mysterious: Smartest Magician in the Galaxy
    • Leonardo (Mirage) + Dr. Strange (Marvel) = Dr. Leonardo Master of the Mystic and Martial Arts!!!


    Shingo Wol.
    • Optimus Prime (Marvel) + Voltron = Voltron Prime: Defender of the near universe, keeper of the Allspark
    • Snake Eyes (Marvel) + Fantomex (Marvel) = Phantom Snake: The Ultimate Ninja
    • Venom (Marvel) + Atrocitus (DC) = Ventrocitus, Leader of the Symbiote Corps
    • Baron Karza (Image) + Cobra Commander (DDP) = Commander Karza
    • Madelyne Pryor, Phoenix (Marvel) + The Predator Entity (DC) = Prenix

    Voting starts as soon as a mod can add the poll.
    Shingo Wol

    The poll is expired.

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    going to be a tough vote, each have some pretty creative concoctions. Who do I choose?!?

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      Shingo Wol all the way

      Originally posted by Avatar Aang
      When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.


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        Originally posted by Shingo Wol View Post
        Name:Voltron Prime.
        Homeworld: Cybertrarus
        Quote: "Auto Force! Transform and Combine!"


        In the Near Universe on the planet Cybertrarus live a race of humanoids.
        Forever terrorized by a being of dark power named Zarkatron and his army of mutants.
        In the year 2551 a military group discovered a crashed alien ship within a mountain.
        Codenaming the find "The Ark", Scientists used the Deceased alien bodies found within to create a fleet of Transforming vehicles called the AutoForce.
        The greatest of these vehicles is a Star cruiser Codenamed Voltron Prime.
        It was the first to be built and is capable of trasforming into A cruiser, a Nuke launcher, and a giant robotic Lion.
        The current Pilot is named Speith.
        Originally posted by Shingo Wol View Post
        Codename: Phantom Snake
        Real Name CLASSIFIED
        Quote: "....."

        Born a mutant with the simple ability of superhuman accuracy, NAME CLASSIFIED. found himself a home amidst the marines.
        His abilities with weapons were noticed by the higher ups, and he found himself re-assinged under the command of Hawk Fury.
        Where he was given the Code-name Phantom Snake.After a mission went horribly wrong and destroyed most of his body ,
        including his vocal cords, Hawk Fury had Phantom Snake under go the G.I.X Program.
        Rebuilt as a walking weapon, Phantom Snake protects America's intrests from the shadows.
        Originally posted by Shingo Wol View Post
        Name: Ventrocitus
        QUOTE:"Emotion. It will be your downfall."
        Howeworld: Unknown.

        The being known as Ventrocitus is a parasite. The host body changes like the wind.
        Ventrocitus is the only one of it's species capable of independent thought.
        It leads the aptly named Symbiote Corps, Collection of Parasites and host bodies.
        It's race feeds on of extreme feelings of Rage, Greed, and Fear.
        When a host body is merged with a symbiote it grants the host Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Flight as well as the ability tof energy manipulation.
        At last count, the Corps numbered in the Ten thousands.
        Originally posted by Shingo Wol View Post
        Code Name: Commander Karza
        Real Name: Unknown.
        Quote: "Cobra!!! Destroy!!!!

        Little is known about the Terrorist leader Commander Karza.
        What is known is chilling. He leads a group called Cobra, whose genetically enhanced Dog soldiers are
        a fearsome sight to behold. It is guessed that either Karza is a scientist, or has several in his employ.
        He has clashed repeatedly with the G.I.X program (See Phantom Snake) of Walking weapons, as well as a vigilante group called The Microjoes.
        Originally posted by Shingo Wol View Post
        Real Name: Madeline Pryress.
        Code Name: Prenix
        Quote: "I am all that you need"

        Born Madeline Pryress,daughter of Ed Pryress of Pryress Aeronautics.
        The being known as Prenix was first a mutant on the planet earth.
        She was already regarded by many to be dangerous (Due to her mutant power of pheromones making her irresistable to men and women.)
        However, she preferred solitude to company, which is what drew her to undertake an experimental hyperspace flight. It is unknown where she landed.
        But when she returned, Her hair and eyes had turned violet, and Violet fire danced along her frame.
        Calling herself Prenix, she claimed she had to help lost loves and right the wronged.
        Since then, many are the people who have had a visit from this mysterious being.
        Originally posted by Shingo Wol View Post
        A Leader, An Assassin, A Terrorist, An Animal, And a Lover.

        What could bring these five together?

        As Prenix fought in space with Ventrocitus, A botched Hyperspace jump brought The Voltron Prime to our star system.
        Both Prenix and Ventrocitus flew to earth to investigate the crashed ship,
        Which had crashed in the middle of a firefight between The G.I.X and Cobra.
        The crash killed all involved with the exception of Phantom Snake And Commander Karza.

        The pilot of Voltron Prime warned of an Invasion from a universe beyond, And they put aside their differances in order to save their existance.


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          the best man win
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            Go Shingo!


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              : Caution - Poll Added :

              For the record, I will not be voting in this. May the best man win.
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                  So... what are we going to do next? Movie villains?


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                    I voted for Voltron.


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                      vote just for the tie
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                        I voted for Shingo lol the guy who beat me that makes it to the finals.
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                          to be honest, I dont what I'm even voting for. I'm just voting for the nicer guy
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                            Put ya over the top, IG.


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                              More love for Iron then Dog Boy?