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Movies/TV that make you cry

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  • Movies/TV that make you cry

    Simple enough premise. What moments in movies/TV shows make you well up and shed manly single tears (read weep like a weak and feeble child).

    Thread may contain spoilers, BEWARE!

    Me 1st. None are controversial choices

    Moon is one of the single most upsetting films I have ever seen. The part where Sam Rockwell tries to call his wife tends to leave me in the kind of state that would mortify me if anyone else was watching.

    The Green Mile. The only way you didn't cry at the Green Mile is if you didn't see it.

    2 particular episodes of Babylon 5. "The fall of Centauri Prime" and "Sleeping in Light" inspire a few blubs from me.

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    I have cried over 3 movies:

    The first time I saw Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I think you all know where I'm going with that one.

    Forest Gump: when Forest is talking to Jenny's gravestone. Totally lost it.

    The Lovely Bones: it has sentimental meaning to me- my mom always talked about the book, and I read it, remembering she liked it so much. When I saw the film, Mom was in her final stages of cancer. During the part where Susie joins all the other murdered children in heaven, I fucking lost it on the spot and cried out in the parking lot for the rest of the night.


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      The end of The Tenth Doctor era of Doctor Who. That last line "I don't want to go". I cried.

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        The ending of Armageddon.


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          There's a moment in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story where Bruce Lee's father rips open some painting or something reveal a stash of money for Bruce to travel to the United States. I cried because it reminds me of my dad and how he would do anything for me. I miss my dad. So pretty much anything that's a touching father and son moment gets me teary eyed.
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            I'd have to say The Finale of Quantum Leap gets a few quick tears. Also "The Happening" makes me cry, I paid good money for that!
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              "Dawson's Creek" Season 6 Episode 22 "All Good Things" ...a major character dies.

              "Toy Story 3" made me cry three times...crazy. I'm scared to watch it again.

              "Running Scared". The last few minutes are so intense.


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                Toy Story 3 didn't make me cry, but Up did when his wife died.
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                  Last 15 min of Six feet Under finale
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                    Toy story 3 makes me cry every god Damn time, and my kids watch it all the time. Also along the lines of what DP said, the pursuit of happyness made me cry the first time I saw it. Ok on the otherwise of the spectrum women cry at some stupid shit, my wife made me go see the notebook in theaters and I spent the entire movie laughing hysterically at the chicks behind me calling their goddamn eyes of to something so cliche and cheesy...

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                      I have a soft spot for dogs so movies like I Am Legend where the dogs die get me every time. Saw that movie in the theaters when it came out and cried like a bitch when the dog died saving him. Had to fight out the urge to yell "No take Will Smith instead" lmao

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                        The Godfather part 2 when Michael finds out Fredo has betrayed him and confronts him about it, a few tears in the corners of my eyes there.
                        Hachiko: A Dog's Story almost made me cry, but since i was watching it with a girl i had to hold it back, you know cause we men are not supposed to cry.
                        I did tear up in my room afterwards though, that movie is such a tearjerker.
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                          My Dog Skip.


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                            No movie or TV show has made me cry, make me feel very sad? yes, but out right tears? never, probably never will be a film to do it either.

                            THE MEN CALLED STING


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                              I can't remember the name, but it starred Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. Very sad. It was a movie that intentionally wanted to make you cry, and they got me.