The point of this Forum Section

Some members are a little iffy on what should go in the Games & Humor forum section so.

Trivial games like "the person above you game" should be placed in this forum.

Humor of all kinds also belongs here, like the "Superman has a problem with kinky sex" thread.

What does not belong here would be things like video games, board games. Or humor coming directly out of comic books or discussion of books.

Boardgames and the like would go in the Action Figure and Toys section as could video games, though those could also be posted in the General Forum Section.

also any posts in this Forum Section do not count towards your post count.

Hope that helps!
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Deadpool 3 Deadpool does Disney

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  • Deadpool 3 Deadpool does Disney

    My idea for Deadpool in the mcu. Have wade walk on the many lots under Disney crack jokes about the ip's they own like alien predator and poke fun at future mcu casting like xmen fantastic 4 ect. Do scenes where Deadpool is arguing with bob chapek who is the ceo and how he has failed with Disney themeparks. Deadpool gos to the Disney theme parks offering to be a mascot to get the park back on track with visitors only to hit on employees dressed as Disney princesses and he has a action figure talking about how he is playing with himself . He rides the pirates of the carribean ride cracking on how he wants to raid a heards booty by its depp. He gets approched by security asking to leave and he fights them and in Deadpool fashion shoves a churro up one of there asses . End credits scenes can be him in a room with kevin feige and rupert Murdoch during the sale of fox in a suit looking at the camera saying talk about a fire sale. The second credit scene would be we see stan lee steve ditko and jack kirby talking about how marvel comics will be a expanding universe and go to black
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