The point of this Forum Section

Some members are a little iffy on what should go in the Games & Humor forum section so.

Trivial games like "the person above you game" should be placed in this forum.

Humor of all kinds also belongs here, like the "Superman has a problem with kinky sex" thread.

What does not belong here would be things like video games, board games. Or humor coming directly out of comic books or discussion of books.

Boardgames and the like would go in the Action Figure and Toys section as could video games, though those could also be posted in the General Forum Section.

also any posts in this Forum Section do not count towards your post count.

Hope that helps!
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Reality TV Draft Rd2: I'm A Celebrity vs America's Next Top Cyborg

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  • Reality TV Draft Rd2: I'm A Celebrity vs America's Next Top Cyborg


    Maverick GL Presents...


    Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw)
    Darth Vader
    Cyborg Superman (Zor-El)
    The Borg (Judging panel)

    Hosted by:

    Motoko Kusanagi "The Major"

    Five super powerful cyborgs battle it out in various competitions to see who will become the new leader of the Borg Collective. Each have their own motivation for wanting control over The Borg in order to spread their influence across the universe. Hank Henshaw wants a universe devoid of life. Deathlok wishes to end corporate tyranny and raise up the poor and downtrodden. Cable aims to create a power base that will allow all of mutant kind to live without fear of persecution and bring hope for a brighter future. Darth Vader wants complete control over the universe, his Galactic Empire being the sole authority with him at the helm. Zor-El seeks absolute perfection, with himself as the perfect model all things must strive to emulate.

    Who will the Borg choose as it's new Hive Leader? Who will they assimilate into another mindless drone?

    Hosted by the beautiful and deadly Motoko Kusanagi, find out who will achieve their dreams as leader of the Borg, and who will end up in the scrapheap. It all happens on Americas Next Top Cyborg!
    I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
    America's Next Top Cyborg

    The poll is expired.

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    Oooh... toughest match-up yet.