The point of this Forum Section

Some members are a little iffy on what should go in the Games & Humor forum section so.

Trivial games like "the person above you game" should be placed in this forum.

Humor of all kinds also belongs here, like the "Superman has a problem with kinky sex" thread.

What does not belong here would be things like video games, board games. Or humor coming directly out of comic books or discussion of books.

Boardgames and the like would go in the Action Figure and Toys section as could video games, though those could also be posted in the General Forum Section.

also any posts in this Forum Section do not count towards your post count.

Hope that helps!
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Adapt This! Draft

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  • Adapt This! Draft


    Hollywood is out of ideas. Movies and TV shows are now the product of less and less originality and more and more product placement. Guess what? The same applies to running these drafts. Here, you will select whatever source material you wish to adapt to make a movie or tv series. Whether it be the latest JK Rowling novel, a reboot of a beloved film like Jurassic Park, the most recent crazy comic book from Grant Morrison, or maybe its a super selling videogame. Everything is up for adaptation!


    1. We will be drafting for actors, directors and your source material! Here are the requirements, you must draft the following:
    • A Protagonist
    • An Antagonist
    • TWO supporting characters
    • A Director/Showrunner
    • The Source Material (Game, Novel, Magazine Article, Comic, Film, etc.)

    2. The actors and directors must be alive and you must draft the actor's current age. Therefore, you cannot draft Heath Ledger or Lynda Carter when she was 20.

    3. There will be SIX Rounds of drafting in a snaking format.

    4. You are not limited to action genres. If you think you can make a movie/tv show out of a book based on the 44th President, go for it.

    5. When it is your turn to pick, you will have 2 hours to make your selection or you will forfeit your turn. So, I highly recommend you PM me you selections before it's your turn.

    6. We'll conduct AT LEAST two rounds of drafting a day.

    7. Drafting will commence between the hours of 9:30am and 10:00pm EST, between Monday and Friday.

    8. Once the drafting rounds are completed, I will open up the rosters to the lightning round, where you can drop or add as many positions on your roster.
    Additionally, AS AN OPTION, you will be able to add more characters to your roster and they can be villains, love interests, supporting characters, etc. The voters will decide if the additional spots helps or hurts your team.

    9. There must be a minimum of 8 participants before we can begin this draft.

    10. If you are interested in participating, please post as much in this thread.

    11. Remember, you are drafting a movie or tv show. That includes miniseries or animation.

    12. Once an actor has been drafted, you cannot draft the same actor. You can draft the same BOOK.

    13. You cannot draft your Source material until the 4th Round.

    14. I'll allow the character the actor is drafted to play to remain a secret until the source is revealed. So, for example, if you draft Ryan Reynolds to play President Nixon, you can draft Ryan Reynolds and keep it a secret as to the character he was drafted to play. That is your option. The guessing game as to a theme of a draft has always been part of the process and fun.

    15. Drafting order will be done via

    16. If you do not send a description of the novel you selected, one will be found for you. Please keep in mind that this description/summary may effect voters opinion of your cast.


    1. kazzar
    2. Mannis
    3. Fearless
    4. Deadpool
    5. W.West
    6. Lantern A-train
    7. Crazy Steve
    8. Tazer
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    Originally posted by Avatar Aang
    When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.


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      In I am


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        I'm down like a clown, Charlie Brown.


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          Take me, take me right now. I missed these drafts.
          Originally posted by IonFan
          (even if the ear sucking helped get me off faster)
          Originally posted by Big Daddy Caesar
          If I had things like the internet and a laptop as a kid, I never would have left my room as a teenager.
          Originally posted by Quaker
          I am the Geoff Johns of the GLCMB.


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            Originally posted by Deadpool View Post
            Take me, take me right now.

            Hahaha, gross.


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              We need JohnnyV, Kuhan, and Heide to come back!


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                Maybe we should put a call out on the Facebook group, reel in anyone who isn't so frequent anymore?


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                  I guess I'll join.
                  I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.


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                    C'mon fellas we need more!


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                      Originally posted by Lantern A-train View Post
                      I guess I'll join.

                      lol Don't act so enthused.


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                        Tell your friends.


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                          *raises hand 2 be included*


                          Originally posted by Andrew NDB
                          Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.


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                            We need at least 2 more peoples


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                              2 more? I thought we only needed 8 people.
                              I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.