The point of this Forum Section

Some members are a little iffy on what should go in the Games & Humor forum section so.

Trivial games like "the person above you game" should be placed in this forum.

Humor of all kinds also belongs here, like the "Superman has a problem with kinky sex" thread.

What does not belong here would be things like video games, board games. Or humor coming directly out of comic books or discussion of books.

Boardgames and the like would go in the Action Figure and Toys section as could video games, though those could also be posted in the General Forum Section.

also any posts in this Forum Section do not count towards your post count.

Hope that helps!
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*** The GLCMB Villain Draft ***

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    Originally posted by Spider-Lantern View Post
    What's your thoughts on Anti-Heroes?
    It would depend on who we're talking about...


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      Draft Order will be picked randomly... you'll just have to trust me... and whoever picks first will have until MIDNIGHT on Wednesday night to enter their pick.

      I'm still perfectly open to any suggestions or ideas you guys have.


      -Dr. N
      Dr. Naysay
      Guardian of the Universe
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        Draft Order will be posted tomorrow morning.

        Everybody got their Evil Thinking Caps on???


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          I always have mine on! Can't you feel my evilness?


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            I AM evil.


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              Please, let's not result to such childness... you all know I'm the most evil.


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                Originally posted by allwillbemine View Post
                Please, let's not result to such childness... you all know I'm the most evil.
                Who could POSSIBLY be more evil than the Joker?


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                  Fuck you all, i am.


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                    Originally posted by FrEaKjOkErXXX View Post
                    Who could POSSIBLY be more evil than the Joker?

                    Obviously the Colonel. He was the first to use harsh language.


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                        THE DRAFT ORDER
                        1. kamikaze watermelon
                        2. Projekt
                        3. Michael Heide
                        4. fearless2814.1
                        5. W. West
                        6. Godmera
                        7. allwillbemine
                        8. Spider-Lantern
                        9. JohnnyV
                        10. FrEaKjOkErXXX
                        11. Colonel Xonic
                        12. GreenLantern888
                        13. lanternut
                        14. Brady SD
                        15. jchichuv

                        There you go kids.

                        watermelon... your pick is due October 1st between midnight and noon (Pacific Standard Time)

                        Even if you know who you're drafting please wait until then so other people can continue to formulate their strategy. I don't know if it will work but I'm hoping this will all be reaching a crescendo sometime near Halloween.

                        LET'S GET EVIL!!!


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                          2nd pick fools, woot, hopefully watermelon doesnt hose me here, lol jk


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                            Dead center. Ugh...


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                              Is that good?

                              That isn't good, is it...


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                                It's good in the sense that you have the choice of anyone you want but you don't know anyones theme though.
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