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This movie looks badass...

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  • This movie looks badass...

    I seriously can't wait for this one! Its one of my top 3 most anticipated films of 2008.
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    not my thing man
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      LOL... too bad... I love these books [its actually one book that was split when translated because it was so long (800,000 words or so)], it was truly epic, and was much more difficult to read than War and Peace, but didn't suck so it made it worth while. The old TV show was pretty fun, though pretty slow in parts, being 84 episodes long with 1 hour episodes, with no fillers. The anime was great, but was cancelled before they finished the story, only making 47 half hour episodes. There was a new anime made last year that told one specific story from the epic that lasted all 25 planned episodes, but lost touch with the source material through various liberties.

      The Stragety and RPG games are only so so... but I've been a long time Dynasty Warriors fan, actually discovered the books through that game, and seeing one of my favortie asian actors (Andy Lau) taking the role of Zhao Yun, one of my favorite characters, makes me all kinds of excited... but I guess one would have to be in to Asian cinema to get excited for this.
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