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Actor Bruce Campbell and I in a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly magazine?Kinda:)

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  • Actor Bruce Campbell and I in a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly magazine?Kinda:)

    Man, it really is who you know in this business. Yesterday at 2pm, sitting in my cubical. 2 hours later im hired with 4 others to be in a photo shoot with Bruce Campbell for EW!! My friend Kelley write me yesterday and asks if i know who Bruce Campbell is. I reply "He's only a God." For those of you who aren't geeks, let me tell you who this "man of action" is:
    Elvis Presley in the cult comedy "Bubba Ho-Tep"
    "Brisco County jr" in the cult tv western that ran on Fox
    the ring announcer/snooty usher/Maître d' in director/friend Sam Rami's small independent film's Spider-Man 1-3!!!!!
    and can be currently seen in the USA series "Burn Notice". But most of us geeks know him as ASH the lead in "Evil Dead", "E.D.2", and my personal fave/quoted the most "Army of Darkness". The film I wanted to see so bad I dragged my dad out to a theatre over an hour away to see it.

    Anyhee, back to how this happened.
    Kelley responds with "Well my friend who has his own production company is looking for 5 extras to be in a photo shoot for EW." I respond with"Um,can I send in my resume?" she asks, they say yes, then 2 hours later I am picked. It's cool because this was a mass email, and allthough Kelley got in, some of her other friends didnt. It must me because as my wife's mom said" I'm cute" So tomorrow I go to a posh bar, get paid for 2 hours then get to meet him after the shoot, and hopefully take a pic with the person many of us refer to as "the man." I'm geekin out right now!!!

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    roflol... class, pure class



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      Sweet! thats awesome man!


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        That's awesome. Brisco County Jr remains on of my favorite TV shows of all time. Yes, I paid the $100 bucks for the series on dvd when it came out. Talk about squeezing fans for all they're worth. Ask Bruce if that was his idea.


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          I still remember the show Jack of All Trades oh and I found this out on that Dynamite has a crossover comic between Army of Darkness and Xena so Three characters are Bruce Camble based


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            That's fantastic.


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              "SO CLOSE YET SO FAR AWAY"-The Bruce Campbell/EW shoot report

              a poem about todays shoot

              "THE MAN"

              I didnt meet "the man".
              I saw "the man".
              I got paid to sit near "the man" for 2 hours
              I will be in a video on of me sitting near "the man",coming in june.
              "the man" left after the shoot, he thanked us, but alas was gone right after. No handshakes. just a wave and then "the man" was gone.....

              Previously on "Kevin The Extra Slayer".......
              I went downstairs of the bar, met the other 3 extras. Then found out it was a video shoot for that will be online this june.My friend Kelley and i talked for about 20 minutes or so, then in he walked. like a normal guy. He stayed near the director as they went over what was going to happen.
              Then he got some makeup on, then went and talked to his publicists on the other side. then the ew reporter came and they started bs'ing
              then they moved them to sit at the bar and we were sitting on couches behind them
              the video should be funny, the guy was a nerd like us, he even asked him about the horrible film "tornado" [smile]
              we just sat back and talked quietly. then that was it. He had his make up removed, talked to the ew reporter for a few more minutes, then waved to us and thanked us, then went out the back.
              i was bummed for a while but then realized, this is what happens. ive been an extra before, but i guess the only reason it stung a bit was:

              a) im a geek
              b) i figured with only 5 extras and a small crew he'd shake hands
              c) only a few actors i would get all nerded out to meet, bruce"the man" campbell is one of them.
              but hell, i got paid 100 bucks to sit around for less than 2 hours for a video on a major website, plus have new contacts and will be working for this company again.

              Hail to the Conn, baby


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                Well at least that huh! That sucks you really didn't get to say hey to the almighty Cambell


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                  Wow................ just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  IonFan says

                  MAGA then, MAGA now, MAGA FOREVER


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                    Here is the video shoot!!!!!You can actually see me!
                    I'm amazed! There I am, in the background, with my fancy goatee, and my fancy shirt ACTING like i'm having a serious conversation, when in actuality I was just hoping to meet "the man" afterwards. Alas, that didn't happen, but this is pretty sweet!.....yes, im a media *****.


                    Evil Dead fans