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What's the CRAZIEST thing to ever happen to you?

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  • What's the CRAZIEST thing to ever happen to you?

    When I won 500 bucks for getting a comic book trivia answer right when I was passing by in a 'con.

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    Jumped on the street, stabbed below the rib cage. Scar's still there. Pretty crazy. But if you're looking for a really good crazy thing I'd say when I won my first car off of a lottery sale thing.


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      I have alot and I mean alot but my favorite was WWPhilly when Kevin Smith was there well earlier I ran around to get two tickets for me and this girl for the kevin smith Q&A well after I was done what I had to get done I went over to the volunteer booth to rest for a minute so as soon as i get there they grab me and ask me to guard Kevin smith... this is just the beginning. Anyway he was at the view askew booth and at first me and a few others held off the line for him signing stuff Which I was not able to get because as soon as I had the chance he was ready to leave. So we follow him creating an oval surrounding Smith and Mewes wwhile people were trying to give him stuff we just said no and kind of nudged them away. So we are in the docking area where Smith and mewes basically take a smoke break and Mewes is talking about how a plane ride is so different now that he is off the drugs and Smith says this about the plane ride (it's not exact but close) "I'm used to normal toliets where I just do the sumo step to sit down (and actually does the sumo step) but on a plane I have to suck it all in to sit down". Anyway after their done we go through the service elevator where a member of the cleaning crew just screams "God Bless America" we all laugh. We go to the screening room he answers some questions shows the What The LOR should've been scene from Clerks 2 and after that we leave the room and he turns to us and says "do you guys want me to sign anything?" I jump at the chance and give him three things to sign which he does. After that where I'm a bit hyper he leaves the convention center

      sorry it's a bit long but the whole thing was crazy


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        Very cool thread. Just moving it to the General Forum.
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          lost my virginity on a school ski trip to france when i was 15 and she was 21... one night stand... really weird trip lol



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            Sounds like a good trip to me!


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              I was living in Iowa and ran into 9 rednecks standing in a circle around this guy, and they were taking turns throwing punches. I jumped in and ask what was going on, and they said this guy was trash do to his hair cut, so I took off my shirt (I'm heavly tattooed) and said fight me, I'm the biggest piece of trash in Iowa. the one guy said do you know who my daddy is? and i was i don't know who the hell you are, but either way I'm kicking your ass. Well no one wanted to fight me...the reason, they said cause I was from Pittsburg! That was outstanding...


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                a couple nites ago, i was completely sober at work ... i farted ... it was super nasty and lingered all day ... when i got home, i discovered that i'd actually crapped myself ... *sniff*


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                  WOW Bob, I say something funny about that but It's happen to me before...."hangs my head"...LOL


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                    I lot of weird things of happened to me over the years, but I'm torn between two stories for this so I'll tell one now and will come back to the other one later.

                    I was attacked by a lion. A real lion. Not a mountain lion, an African lion.... in the farmlands of Illinois.

                    Story goes like so, I knew someone who took care of exotic animals who were confiscated by the police until a more permanent location could be found for them, on her farm they had a bear, fox, llama, emu, a lot of strange exotic animals that one way or another were illegally raised in captivity and ended up there until they could find a zoo or some other place to take them.

                    I used to head out there to offer a hand, hell why not let me see some pretty cool things right? Well come to find out when I was out there once that they recently had a lion put into their care, from what I'm told some black market photography studio in Chicago had the lion for people to take pictures with and the police got wind of it. Weird things happen in this world.

                    So this starts with "Do you want to help exercise the lion?" You know looking back the smart answer would have been "No," but I thought hell... why not?

                    Here's where I'll ruin the mental image for you, the lion wasn't fully grown, it was somewhere between cub and adult, about the size of a rottweiler, still its teeth and claws were significantly bigger, very very much bigger. None the less in my mind I figured I had dealt with animals that size before, after all I own big dogs.

                    So I was playing tug of war with a lion like I would a big dog. The owner of the ranch was there and had a large rope tied around the lion's neck like a leash and was watching with an eagle eye the whole time so it wasn't completely stupid. None the less for about ten minutes with another hunk of rope I was playing tug of war with a lion, and he was strong let me tell you. I was going fine... until the lion lost its grip on the rope, fell back, then, just like a dog would, lunged for the part of the rope closest to head level, the part I was holding onto. To it pounced at me, I saw its arms wide with its claws out and its mouth with those huge teeth coming for me. I jerked my hand out of the way... so instead it bit into my jacket.

                    The trainer pulled back on the leash and I fell back and lifted my arms above my head. The lion went back and my jacket slipped up over my head, and right off. Lion still had a good grip on it and proceeded to shred my jacket, he was still acting like he was playing... but another inch or so and he would have gotten a hunk of me.

                    As I saw him tear into my jacket I decided "You know what? I'm done," and never offered to help out with that lion again.


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                      Originally posted by bobservations View Post
                      a couple nites ago, i was completely sober at work ... i farted ... it was super nasty and lingered all day ... when i got home, i discovered that i'd actually crapped myself ... *sniff*

                      lol! Holy shit. (No pun intended.)


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                        Wow nived... just wow!