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Jonathan Frid (the original Barnabas Collins) is dead

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    Originally posted by Mister.Weirdo View Post
    Is it even possible to watch every episode of the original Dark Shadows?
    Originally posted by Abin Surly View Post
    I believe that all episodes exist except one that had to be reconstructed ala Browning's London After Midnight using the sound portion (was was intact), preview footage from the preceding episode and recap footage from the following episode...or so I've read.
    Wiki says they released a very limited edition of the entire series in a special coffin case. Starting this summer they are supposed to release the rest of the DVDs not available from the standard set.

    Originally posted by Abin Surly View Post
    From what I've seen of them, the whole thing moves at an old-school soap-opera glacial pace, so be ready to watch at fast forward.
    LOL. Very much so. I was just thinking that I've now watched the first 11 episodes with Barnabas (Frid) and the set-up (vampire wakes up, steals some cattle, and makes a man his servant) would probably compose the first half hour (tops) of a traditional vampire movie. He hasn't even killed a person yet! I'm surprised though. You sounded like a fan with all this Frid love.

    If you can figure out which episodes they are, from what I hear, there are certain "classic" stories (e.g., the introduction of the werewolf character and Angelique). One that was supposed to be the best is one where they went back to the stories in the 1800s.