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    Own TV History: MacGyver’s floating house hits the auction block

    When it comes to pop culture collectibles, real estate is generally not the affordable way to go, especially considering how Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone featured in Sex and the City just sold for nearly $10 million. But not all TV houses are outside your financial reach. Case in point: The floating house from the TV show MacGyver just popped up for auction on eBay, and the current top bid is a relatively affordable $50,300.

    This 1,200 square foot floating home (don't dare call it a house boat!) was featured as title character Angus MacGyver's house from the third season of the TV show onward. Named "Land's End," the vessel is floating on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada a half hour from the U.S. border. If you're the winning bidder, you can move the home to whatever watery location you wish (provided you're not prone to sea sickness).

    The floating house has had a bit of a makeover since it's MacGyver days. Its exterior has now been painted an retina-burning cyan, giving the$3.3 million Mary Kay pink mansion a run for its money in the color faux pas department. The inside is more friendly on the eyes, though, including hardwood floors and a jacuzzi tub. New double glazed doors and windows have also been installed. Sadly though, the current owner replaced the turquoise staircase from the show with a black wrought iron one.

    Though the property may not be maintained with total accuracy to its 1980s TV glory, we're still glad the current owner took the time to do renovations. After all, knowing that it was previously owned by Patty and Selma Bouvier's old heartthrob, we're willing to bet that the old electrical system was rigged up in a pinch with a hair pin, the wrapper from a piece of Wrigley's gum, a loose thread from an unusually thick sweater, and an inanimate carbon rod.