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Which film would you like DC to make in 2014?

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  • Which film would you like DC to make in 2014?

    We know what film that DC are making in 2013 and we think that in 2014, DC are eigther going for GL2 or the flash, but if it was up to you, what film would you like made?
    Green Lantern 2
    Batman reboot
    Superman 2
    Wonder Woman
    Green Arrow

    The poll is expired.

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    the flash


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      I've been hoping for a Wonder Woman film since the 1990s, so I would like to see a film of the Princess of the Amazons within the next few years. Diana Prince has that Thor like quality to herm but is also a strong character in her own right.
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        The Journey 2 guy's Lobo.

        No, but seriously, WB/DC shouldn't be scheduling any superhero movies for the next several years. Those people are absolutely clueless as to how to approach a comic book movie, and they've shown no signs of wising up. They need to take a long, serious look at themselves before they thoughtlessly tarnish the brand of one of their beloved icons...again.


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          Grifter. Because it's not the standard superhero movie and you can make nods in the background of the rest of the expanded DC movie-verse. If this were 15 years ago I'd say get somebody like Brad Pitt for the role, because the lead has to be a charmer. I'm not sure who I'd get now, but somebody with the badboy quality who actually looks like a badass when you arm him to the teeth and put that mask on instead of like an actor trying his hardest to be a badass.

          Out of the list though, I'd go for Swamp Thing. Maybe make an Animal Man movie the same year and do the Rot storyline in a sequel to both films to make an awesome tag-team movie the likes of which we haven't seen.



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            Flash. I'd like to see Wonder Woman, but whomever takes the project will screw it up, just like that horrific pilot.


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              GL 2, of course. Loyal to the brand until death do us part. If they made 6 crappy GL movies I'd still vote for #7 and hope for the best.

              Then, I'd pick Flash. After that, my libido goes with Supergirl.


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                They're already making plans for the Batman Reboot so we do already know whats coming, in 2014 I expect to see a new Batman movie, its the only franchise for years they have bothered with and have mostly got right, I don't want anything else because it would be shit so no point.

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                  None. If they want good movies they should license Marvel Studios to do them.

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                    The Flash is what I wish WB/DC would make in 2014 but I'm not holding my breath for it to happen. I would have picked GL2 but WB probably wants to distance themselves from the first movie for a few more years. I also would have chose WW but I think WB is scared to make a superhero film with a female lead and that failed 2011 T.V. pilot didn't help. I agree with RPMXLII that WB/DC shouldn't be scheduling any superhero movies for the next several years until they wise up. The problem is that now that the Harry Potter and Nolan's Batman movies are over/ending they need a DC superhero summer tentpole movie for 2014,2015, and so on to replace them.


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                      I voted for Swamp Thing, but it's a moot point because WB isn't in the business of building up their classic heroes in movies.

                      With that in mind, I think the best choice would be to do something like Y: The Last Man or some other non super hero title. YTLM could make a great tv show or movie trilogy.


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                        If DC truly wants to make successful movies on the same level as Marvel, there's no way around the Justice League. To do that, they need to establish at least their trinity first. Superman has an upcoming movie, but 2014 is too soon after Dark Knight Rises to reboot Batman already. Which makes Wonder Woman the best option. On another note, it would be differentiate them from Marvel, who have.yet to do a film centered solely around one of their female characters.


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                          The Animated Movies are really good, so they should keep working on those...
                          But I guess Green Lantern: Sinestro's Army sounds good

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                            I don't think Wonder woman could hold her own in the box office. She belongs on TV or introduced in superman's movie sorta like black widow.

                            Honestly I want them to get WB to give DC their own studio and most of the control. Then start working on a GL reboot and establish the shared DC universe. I would have liked a green arrow movie but audiences (non comic) would confuse him for hawkeye


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                              i voted for GL2 (and i hope we get it too) but more then likely we'll get another god d@mn Batman/Superman movie

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