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    I'm kind of hoping that they have more "storylines" but with fewer levels each, and team-up with a whole SLEW of other heroes in the process. GL, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman I've seen screenshots of, so we've got most of a Justice League going already.


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      Originally posted by sylent_asassin View Post
      I played the Star Wars lego game, but had a hard time getting into it; I was bored most of the time. Aside from theme, what will make this game any different?
      Originally posted by Mister Ed View Post
      The theme is the big thing, but characters will have some different abilities than ones in the Star Wars one...
      I was going to answer this but Mr. Ed pretty much said everything I would've. I imagine that if you really did not like Lego SW, you're not going to like this unless you feel compelled to by the subject matter.

      Originally posted by Deadpool View Post
      ...Well I think in this one, we're going to have a batman & robin storyline with all his vilians, a batman/superman storyline with Lex Luthor, a wonder woman and batman storyline with Cheatah or somone, and a GL and batman storyline with sinestro and his corps...
      That might be cool but I really think this is going to be a Batman game with some short missions enlisting other Leaguers. If it were what you said, I'd expect them to call it Lego Justice League.


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        I think it's going to be a bit like batman:the brave and the bold.
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        (even if the ear sucking helped get me off faster)
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        I am the Geoff Johns of the GLCMB.


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          Originally posted by Mister Ed View Post
          If you won't enjoy running around as LEGO versions of superheroes while smashing things, building things, pulling levers, enagaging in button mashing "combat" that is, admittedly, rather tedious at times, hunting for hidden collectible items, all interspersed with (usually) humorous cutscenes of LEGO versions of the characters, then you won't be likely to enjoy this game.
          Yeah, the looking for switches and levers is what kind of annoyed me. The gameplay was okay, but I felt there was too much lag time and zero level of difficulty. If you got killed, you picked up right where you left off. In addition, the fighting was a bit repetitive. I start rolling my eyes when I'm smashing the same obstacles over and over.


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            Originally posted by sylent_asassin View Post
            If you got killed, you picked up right where you left off.
            For me, this is a plus. I'm not a big fan of being forced to go back and re-play a big chunk of a game because I got killed. If there isn't a REAL save function (meaning save wherever you feel like it, not at specific save points) I'd rather re-spawn in the same spot. When I play a LEGO game, I'm not looking for a huge challenge, but more amusement, and when I DO look for a challenge in a game, it ISN'T in the area of fighting reflexes or tricky platform jumping. I go more for brain challenges than reflexes.

            For instance, I love Portal and Portal 2, because WITH a real save function, it is far more about figuring out what to do than it is about actually DOING it. WITHOUT a save function, I'd likely despise them, unless the save points were rather frequent, as I wouldn't be able to try stuff out without worrying about having to go back and redo a bunch if it failed.
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