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Rating The Intelligence Of The Game Of Thrones Characters

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  • Rating The Intelligence Of The Game Of Thrones Characters

    *Possible Spoilers*

    After watching Game of Thrones through the eighth episode of the second season, I started to debate this topic in my head. Really, there are very few intelligent characters in the show. Most of them are just driven by their ego and/or reproductive organs. Which really is what makes for entertaining stories. After all, if people made the right choices in the stories we like then they wouldn't be very entertaining.

    Still, as the show has grown and plots have played out, you begin to see who truly is the most intelligent characters on the show. And who's just flat out nartarded.

    Here's how the list started rattling in my head, from top to bottom. (Note: I'm only including "main" characters, with perhaps more to come later.)


    Tywin Lannister

    Tywin is the perfect example of someone who has status, power, money, strategic intelligence, and doesn't allow any of it to get in the way of making sound decisions.

    Even the bringing on of Arya wasn't stupid; hell, he's even called that she's deceiving him about her status. He hasn't underestimated Robb Stark, and shows great respect for the young gun. His adoption of Arya as his servant also shows he has a great talent for finding the value in people, which is quite possibly one of the greatest forms of intelligence.

    Let's not forget this is the man who saw the value in naming his son Tyrion hand to the king. Again, finding value in someone who up until then was seen as a witty drunk.

    Tywin is a shining example of how all you have to really do in the world of Game of Thrones is know how to check your ego, use the faults of others against them, and take advantage of value you find in others. He really is the Grand Admiral Thrawn of GoT. Cold.


    Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish

    I'll be honest, it was tough deciding whether to put Tyrion or Baelish in the second spot on the list. However, I think Baelish has shown a greater sense of intelligence over a longer period of time. The man has a whore house, is on the council, helped Ned Stark nearly til the end, and still managed to come out ahead through it all.

    If there's one weakness he's shown, it's his affection for Catelyn Stark. But even then, he knew how to play the hand he was dealt in that situation. Only time will tell if he'll go full tilt and somehow die for that love. With the intelligence he's shown so far, I'm actually betting on him doing the smart thing.

    Baelish is the guy at the poker table who knows how to make big bets, but also realizes when not to over-value a hand. Reading situations and acting accordingly will win you most hands in poker, the same for Baelish in GoT.


    Tyrion Lannister

    "I understand how this game is played"

    Really, that's the quote which signifies the level of Tyrion's intelligence on the show. Understanding is one of the largest pieces of the intelligence puzzle. And Tyrion has shown he understands most of the situations he finds himself in. Whether it was the adventures he made it through in the first season, or the subterfuge and guile of season two.

    If there's one weakness we've seen in Tyrion, it's that he let's the foolish side of his nature prevail from time-to-time. Seen in the latest episode, pronouncing his undying love for the woman that his bitch of a sister is after. Not a smart play at all, and though I haven't read the books, will most likely come back to bite him in the ass.

    Also, like his father, Tyrion shows a knack for seeing the value in people. Especially people who others don't see the value in. Probably because he was always underestimated.

    More to come later...
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