Welp I find I have another case of Insomnia. So why not talk some specifics about what I thought about E3.

First I have to say that I think the Press Conferences were lack luster at best. Microsoft had the worst...My GAWD the Usher thing ... he was off key and moving like Sokka tripping over himself while being showered by Rocks from Toph. It was out of place and because of the stage effects it was extremely hard to tell they were trying to show off a Dance game.

Nothing Microsoft showed this year made me want to invest any money in the 360. Their Smartglass App isn't worth it either. They assume, that people already have the $2000 high end Tv, and the $700-$900 tablet or a equally as expensive Smart Phone to use this app on. I say this because the App will only work on and I Quote "Some Mobile Devices And Tablets" Unquote. Which means I expect it to launch in such a way that it will only work on Windows 8 Phones and Tablets. Then be spread to IOS and Android devices sometime after. The app its self is useless to me anyway. It lets you use your phone or Tablet as a remote for the 360, it can give you "Expanded" experiences watching a tv show or movie, behind the scenes stuff and character bios and the like. It's ability to work with games looked HIGHLY limited. In short Smartglass is a attempt to compete with the Wii U and does a piss poor job.

EA again didn't have much to show off. What was there was okay but nothing new nothing innovative and not one product I wanted to spend a penny on. It didn't help that they had audio issues though the whole thing either. Their biggest announcements was for a premium subscription service for Battlefield 3 which will get the subscriber maps, items and customizable gear for the Online modes. And a similar feature for their FIFFA franchise. Dead Space 3 has co-op and Medal Of Honor and Crysis looked more like DLC for previous games than whole games themselves.

Ubisoft had the best outing. Their conference wasn't full of people talking about the business end of things they actually showed off games. Assassins Creed 3, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 3, and Rayman Legends among them. Assassins Creed has me as soon as I saw the trailer, as did Watch Dogs. Assassins Creed takes place during the American revolution, the main player character is a half Native American, and your fighting not only the Templars but the British as well. Watch Dogs, well I really don't know how to describe this game. It feels a bit like the makers took the movie Hackers, mixed in a little Matrix and Die Hard and tossed a bit of Sam Slade style detective story and turned the blender on. It looked new and interesting and for once it was a game that wasn't all Brown and Gray.

Nintendo spent most of their conference rehashing everything they told us last year about the Wii U. Reggie spent a good 15 to 20 minutes explaining the new Control Pad which we got last year. We actually got a shot of the console its self. While it has Current Gen Graphics (finally) its small. Not much bigger than the control pad. It will be backwards compatible with all Wii titles and most 3DS games as well as the 3ds can be used as a controller as well. They showed off a few games but not a ton. A new version of Wii Fit a theme park game called Nintendo Land, but again nothing that really caught my eye. Though the crowd there got a bit excited for the Ubisoft game ZombieU which actually looked as if it would make good use of the touch screen on the new controller.

Sony ... well Sony spent most of their conference begging people to buy PS Vitas. While they did show off some games most were sequels or rehashes. The only new game they showed off was called The Last Of Us, from NaughtyDog studios. It looks like a post apocalyptic game but the enemies shown in the footage seemed human not zombies so I'm not really sure of the plot but it looked amazing. Sony also announced a new peripheral that will work with the PS3, PSMove and Eyetoy camera.

Its called the Wonderbook and basically its a book shaped device that allows the player to have a interactive pop up story book adventure. It seems aimed at the younger crowd. The first launch title for the Wonderbook (yes games for it are separate from the hardware) is called the Book Of Spells. It was developed with J.K. Rowling and if I understood them properly will have some connection with her PotterMore site.

The demonstration of Book Of Spells didn't go very well. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a beta version of the game because there was so much software failure in recognizing the players gestures with the PSMove (your wand) that it took almost 10 minutes to show off 1 feature. If the game is that buggy at release or something isn't done to improve the controls to make up for issues it will be a failure and the Wonderbook will become Sony's version of the VirtualBoy.

Konami didn't even bother to have a press conference. They created a 30 minute video presentation that the streaming sites online ran. I'm not sure if G4 or any other network covering E3 ran it. Most of the video was taken up with talking about Metal Gears 25th Anniversary and the release of the Zone Of Enders HD collection. We had some footage and talk about Metal Gear Rising and a short video of the new Castlevania (which apparently will star Alucard from symphony of the night). Again nothing to write home about all and all.

Over all I saw only 3 games I would invest money in. Assassins Creed 3, Last Of Us, and Watch Dog.

Below I'll leave the trailers for those 3 games and I would love to hear what everyone else has thought of E3 so far. I know I went on a bit here but hey insomnia I have to do something when I can't sleep.

Last Of Us (NaughtyDog Studios)

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Watch Dog (Ubisoft)

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Assassins Creed 3 (Ubisoft)

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