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Confessions from the Sciencell.

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  • Confessions from the Sciencell.

    We all have done bad or stupid things. Things that would surley land us in the Oa science cells. Be it a bad movie or CD you own or just something you have done that made you look stupid. It is time to confess and let your fellow Fanterns pass judgment.

    ROTTEN: I own a copy of Hulk Hogans CD "Hulk rocks".

    I submt myself to your judgement,and the next crime.
    Take life with a Grain of salt and a shot of tequila!

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    Do you own a Randy Savage CD?


    • #3
      No. I have met him a few times though and he is very cool.
      Take life with a Grain of salt and a shot of tequila!


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        I love the band Man O War.....And own most of there CDs


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          The guy who trained Randy Savage, Ron Write who also trained Jerry the King Lawler, got me into wrestling back in my school days.

          My one confession....

          I sang a few Backstreet Boys songs to my girl around the time we first met. Now don't be too rough on me guys LOL.



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            Well....I'm shamed to admit that I own every album ever released by New Kids On The Block.....*hides*



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              I once sang "hit me baby one more time" at a full karaoke bar...a very redneck karaoke bar at that.

              I once played the roll of "Magenta" in a midnight showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show"...french maid outfit and all. I was pretty good at it too.

              I know thats two...but there it is...I said it...I didn't mean to...but I did.



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                I one time had to sing Any man of mine, during karaoke roulette! I did change the words to any woman of mine....


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                  OK heres the worst, one time I failed out of a class in college, do to being late, well so did two friends of mine, so we spent all morning/afternoon drinking, about 15 pictures between the 3 of us, well I had an hour bus ride for my comute, well I had to go to the bathroom, so I just pee'd myself......Hangs head in shame, Worst part I was only half way home, and had to sit in wet pants