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    Originally posted by Agent Purple View Post
    Awesome work reaching this anniversary...
    I missed the Tracey Ullman anniversary two years ago (I think), but that’s okay. That’s not the important part per se.

    Originally posted by Agent Purple View Post
    . . . I don't care for the whole "seasons 1-10 were gold, everything else is shit" and other arguments; there's good stuff everywhere even if some of the humors dips sometimes.
    Yeah, seasons 3-8 are strongest, but there's good stuff before and after that.

    Today, I'm at least watching one episode from the first 8 seasons (2-4 done already). I'll end it with the first episode.

    Originally posted by Agent Purple View Post
    Hell, yesterday my one boss asked if I watched this past Sunday's episode and when I said no, he told me about how Sideshow Bob was a porch pirate. Now I want to check it out.
    Yeah, there's a porch pirate and Sideshow Bob returns making him the prime suspect. They do a Lighthouse movie spoof, but I haven't seen that flick yet.
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      all I'll say is this: "Kwijibo".

      Ive NEVER laffed as much over a single "word", uttered in *any other show*, as I have for this one.....


      Originally posted by Andrew NDB
      Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.


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        That episode where Homer goes to a new lesbian bar in town, and suspects something is wrong.

        There's no fire exit.

        He tells the ladies to enjoy their death trap as he takes off, and one of them asks, "What's HER problem?"

        More than one perfectly-executed joke in that scene alone.
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          ^Yeah the timing on those multi-stage jokes in the early seasons was great.

          I ended up fitting in one each from seasons 1-10.


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            Originally posted by Space Cop View Post

            The Simpsons show turns 30 today!

            Although it had been on the Tracey Ullman Show from April of 1987, on December 17, 1989 it premeired as its own show on Fox with the Christmas special "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire."

            30 years later, it's still going and confirmed for at least another season. Before all the hate is repeated for the current stuff, just remember that it's still an impressive anniversary for an animated show.

            good for them........................... sadly i stopped looking at the Simpsons after they started attacking our dear leader (one Donald J. Trump)

            IonFan says

            MAGA then, MAGA now, MAGA FOREVER


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              GQ did a pretty good editorial/article (there are brief interview excerpts) on The Simpsons and their legacy (and, yes, they do acknowledge the when-it-was-good debate):

              Simpsons Forever: The Inside Story of the Simpsons Remarkable Second Life


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