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George Perez says DC comics manufactures comics now, doesn't create

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  • George Perez says DC comics manufactures comics now, doesn't create


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    Pérez said at the time his frustrations stemmed from contradictions that happened mid-story, the result of meddling from the committee, and that he was not made aware a secretive Grant Morrison was relaunching Action Comics — a book set five years earlier. When Pérez inquired about the fates and relationships of major characters, he received no answers from DC.
    It's the same shit editor in chief Bob Harras pulled with the X-Men when he was at Marvel.


    While Steve Seagle and Joe Kelly were writing the main X-Men books, “the editorial climate at the time was extremely poor,” according to artist Chris Bachalo in Comics Creators On X-Men. “They kept changing story directions from issue to issue. They’d have the meeting, decide on a direction and change their minds a few months later. I think it was all very frustrating for Steve (Seagle) and Joe Kelly, the writers at the time. They were having their differences with the editorial group and I think they got completely burned out after a year. I don’t know if they were fired or if they left, but it was just a horrible situation. And it made drawing the book really difficult. We’d get working on the storyline, and then it would change and go in another direction. Steve’s last issue was also my last issue. To this day, I don’t know why I was moved.”


    X-Men writer Joe Kelly commented on the change of direction and why he left the book in Wizard #90: “If somebody told me from Day One, “We’re going to work out the story and hand it to you, and you just plot it and dialogue it,” I’d have no problem with that, because it’s very up-front. When that evolves over time, it becomes frustrating.”


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      This isn't anything we haven't heard regarding the New52. It was an editorial dumpster fire that they are still paying for today.


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        The New 52 sold a lot of comics. But you can't relaunch 52 comics at the same time and put much thought into what you're doing.