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    But wait, there's more! (That was a catchphrase of Ron Pompeil, who died a few days ago.)

    Biden has announced that the $300 in weekly unemployment benefits enacted in response to the pandemic will expire on Sept. 6.

    Now think about this. People are going to lose $1,200 a month they've been getting from the government, and the moratorium on evictions is going to expire too.

    That's going to get a lot of people kicked out of their houses and apartments. And the government has no choice but to let it happen.

    The painkillers are going to wear off, and the pain will be severe.
    Trey Strain
    Guardian of the Universe
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      I'll continue doing whatever I can to get homeless people into rooms. But I'm suffering from stupidity fatigue, and most homeless people are stupid.

      This morning one of them walked into a store where I was in line at the checkout and said loudly, "Are you open?"

      Nobody replied, so I said, "You're in here, aren't you?"

      He said, "May I use the restroom?" and walked toward the back.

      There's a McDonald's right next door. I said, "What's wrong with McDonald's?"

      This guy is not humble. He doesn't respect people who clearly have much better sense than he does. He thinks anything he feels like doing is just fine.

      Yesterday I saw a guy panhandling. I asked him whether he was homeless, and he said no. I said, "If you're not homeless then you shouldn't be panhandling."

      He wasn't a bit embarrassed. He thinks that if he wants to beg and pick up some extra cash that could go to someone who needs it more, then he should go right ahead and do that.

      This personality type is a curse on humanity.


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        Around us, McDonalds won't let you use the restroom unless you are a customer (you have to get a code for the lock).


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          Originally posted by Mister Ed View Post
          Around us, McDonalds won't let you use the restroom unless you are a customer (you have to get a code for the lock).
          They're franchises, so the stores can set their own policies about that and quite a few other things. That one has an open door policy about its restrooms.

          I wasn't being crabby with that guy. I've seen him around for a while now.


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            Let me get this straight. She went to a homeless encampment to give the people there food, and she was hit by a car. So she's suing the city, the county and the state for allowing the encampment to exist.

            HELLO? Those people were staying there because she was making it easy to stay to stay there!

            If you feed a stray dog, then it's going to take up residence on your property!

            She played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.



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              Something else about them. If any business or home that's vacant isn't being watched and doesn't have a burglar alarm, they'll probably break into it and squat there. And there's a good chance they'll set it on fire. This is especially true of businesses. They've set three empty businesses on fire in Sherman Oaks that I know of.

              The San Fernando Valley has many fewer tents than it had a couple of years ago, when I started doing this. But two points. First, most of the people who are still out there are either resistant to accepting housing or they don't even have tents. Not having tents makes them much harder to find. Second, there's a bottomless pit of them to the south of the Valley, and they keep tricking up here,

              So the effort here has reached a point of diminishing returns.


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                And now, in DC, some mad dog is killing them: Police are hunting a masked gunman targeting homeless people while they sleep


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                  I don't know that this person was homeless. Maybe he was. But this morning a man was yelling gibberish in the locker room of my gym. Somebody called the police, and they searched him and found a gun. I didn't see the incident. The police were leading him out in handcuffs as I was coming in. He looked completely whacked out.

                  I'm not a fan of our governor, Gavin Newsom. But he said recently that we need to start committing people to mental institutions again, and I agree with that. A civilized society can't tolerate behavior like this, or people defecating in the streets. Everybody who is homeless is not mentally ill, but a significant percentage of them are.


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                    I went to court this morning to testify at a preliminary hearing about the shots being fired from the homeless encampment, but ended up not having to because the defendant accepted a plea deal. It was hard for me to follow all the legalese between the judge and the attorneys, but my sense of it is that the human turd will serve only two years. The good part is that under California law he's getting a strike.


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                      Sacre bleu! I've found a motherlode of them and sent the housing folks there. They're in a concrete-lined wash that feeds the Los Angeles River. There might be forty or more of them there. I've been wondering for a while where so many of them were coming from in that particular area. I finally figured it out by looking at a map and realizing that's the only place they could sleep without being spotted.

                      This will lead to a search of the whole river system and the likely discovery of many hundreds of hem that weren't on radar.


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                        Originally posted by Trey Strain View Post
                        The guy who was talking about "an exit from homelessness" has got it wrong. Almost all of these people will never make enough money to pay for a home. Especially the old ones, the drug addicts and those who are severely mentally ill or intellectually handicapped. They're unemployable. They just need housing. Permanent housing, not temporary housing.
                        Some kind of permanent housing, but also mental health care. And for goodness' sake, don't give them "Free" (as in we pay for them) needles.


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                          I gave the people in the wash a double goozle. First I sent in the housing people, who politely ask them if they'd like housing. Then I sent in the people from public works, who tell any of them who are resisting that they're leaving there and have got no choice about it.

                          In the past few days I've talked to two homeless people who told me that they had rooms but were kicked out. I think this is true of an increasing percentage of the ones who are still out there. Usually it's misbehavior of substance abuse that gets them evicted.


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                            The streets of this country are swarming with people like him, and not all of them are homeless. There's too much bias in favor of letting them roam free. We need to swing the pendulum back in the other direction.