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  • For the most part, yeah.


    • From, regarding: LEGION

      SPOILER WARNING: The following contains spoiler's for this week's episode of "Smallville" entitled "The Bride."

      Geoff Johns loves him some Legion.

      DC’s superstar writer has been showcasing Clark Kent’s boyhood pals in his ongoing titles “Justice Society of America” and “Action Comics,” and is currently penning the fan favorite “Final Crisis” tie-in, “Legion of 3 Worlds” with art by the incomparable George Perez.

      So who better to introduce the Legion of Super-Heroes into the “Smallville” mythos than Johns?

      The writer’s highly-anticipated Legion of Super-Heroes episode of the popular CW series, first announced at Comic-Con International in July, premieres January 15, 2009 and will spin out directly from this week’s cliffhanger ending of the latest episode of “Smallville” – entitled “Bride” – in which we see Doomsday crash Chloe and Jimmy’s wedding. The last seconds show Lex Luthor hardwired to a computer and a TV monitor in an undisclosed location, watching Doomsday wreak havoc and capture Chloe.

      “For those watching the season, I think it’s safe to say this is already one of the best,” Geoff Johns told CBR News. “The work they’re doing is fantastic, the ratings are going up and freaking Doomsday. Have you seen Doomsday? He’s on this week’s episode then the next one is mine.”
      Scene from "The Bride"

      Johns said the three young actors playing Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy absolutely “nailed it.” Canadian actor and singer Alexz Johnson landed the role of Saturn Girl, Calum Worthy (“Dr. Dolittle 3) lights up the screen as Lightning Lad, and Ryan Kennedy (“Blade: The Series”) completes the time traveling trio as Cosmic Boy.

      “The Legionnaires did a wonderful job. They embraced the material and along with Glen embraced the lore,” said Johns. “They’re a great amalgam between ‘Smallville’ and the comic mythology. They are done in a ‘Smallville’ way but they are extremely loyal and true to core center to what the Legion is all about. And I was really blown away and ecstatic that the actors they cast could play Legionnaires so perfectly. I think they are phenomenal.

      “Ryan brought the perfect amount of intensity to Cosmic Boy, similar to the intensity he current has in ‘Legion of 3 Worlds’. He really brought a humanity to Rokk too, that goes beyond the page. Ryan embodied the leader of the Legion to a tee.

      “Alexz is Saturn Girl. You see her and you see Saturn Girl. Her demeanor, and the thoughtfulness that reads on her face at all times is exactly who Imra is.
      Scene from "The Bride"

      “And last but not least is Calum, who is freaking hilarious. He was probably the one closest like his character – Lightning Lad, who captured the portrayal of Lightning Lad’s early years in my head. He’s fun, energetic, exciting – literally lightning in a bottle waiting to be unleashed.”

      While Johns guards the story of the episode closer than Clark Kent’s secret identity, he did offer that it would feature the “Smallville” version of young Superman’s first meeting with the Legion.

      As to whether or not we can expect more Legion in the future, Johns said, “I can tell you the door is left open pretty wide for them and other Legionnaires. If there’s a Season 9, I would love to write another episode.”

      Johns came to the project after coming up with a “dandy little idea” on how to introduce the Legion to “Smallville.” “I thought they would be great characters. ‘Smallville’ had been featuring Green Arrow for some time, and Black Canary and Cyborg and Bart Allen had made appearances, and since the Legion is such a big part of the Superman mythology from when he was younger, I had an idea to introduce them into the ‘Smallville’ world too,” said Johns. “I was casually talking to [former ‘Smallville’ producer] Jeph Loeb one day, who obviously knows the showrunners – Darren, Todd, Kelly and Brian – and he mentioned it to them that I had an idea for an episode.
      Ryan Kennedy plays Cosmic Boy

      “They called me up and were pretty excited to hear it. So I pitched them the idea of the Legion and how it affected Clark and what it would mean to the characters in the series. And they loved it. I spent a couple weeks in the writers’ room with them breaking the story and working on the script and then flew up for the shoot. So that’s how it all came together. It was really pretty amazing. I’ve been in Writers Rooms before, but this one was far above the most friendly and exciting to be in. Their entire staff has a lot of talent and I think that’s evident in the reaction to this season.”

      Johns visited the set of “Smallville” in Vancouver for ten days during the shooting of his Legion episode. “I was working on set with the producers and the director, Glen Winter, and the actors, overseeing the script, checking in and brainstorming with executive producer Darren Swimmer, altering the script when we needed to alter it,” he explained. “We were really just trying to make it the best we could possibly make it. I watched the rough cut and I’m very, very happy.

      Johns is thrilled with what he’s seen so far of the Legion episode, but can’t wait to see what the special effects team do with the Legionnaires. “The special effects and everything won’t be done for a little while since the show doesn’t air until January.”
      Calum Worthy plays Lightning Lad

      Directing the Legion episode is Glen Winter. He’s responsible for numerous episodes of the CW series, and is admired greatly by Geoff Johns, who used to work as an assistant to filmmaker Richard Donner. “[Winter is] an amazing guy. I really was impressed by him and in awe of his natural instincts and imagination,” the writer said. “I felt extremely lucky to work at his side. I told Glen it had always been a dream of mine to work with a director much the same way I watched [screenwriter] Brian Helgeland work with Richard Donner during ‘Conspiracy Theory’ and that’s what it felt like.

      “One of my favorite things to do as a writer in the film and television world is like my ideal working relationship in the comic world, which is not sitting in the room alone but working with somebody,” he continued. “And whether it be Gary Frank on ‘Action Comics’ or Ivan Reis on ‘Green Lantern’ or Ethan Van Sciver on ‘The Flash,’ the idea is that I am the writer but the artists are essentially the directors. So working with a director on set like that, and seeing him bring the Legion to life. Being there to help support that vision and work on the story and the script and the dialogue and everything, is a culmination of everything I like doing. Glen made this his own. With such respect and integrity, I’d love to see Glen take on other DC characters in the television and film world.”

      Johns said now that he’s played in the world of onscreen DCU, he’s eager to return. The writers confirmed he’s working on other TV and film projects, saying, “Yes, I do and getting a taste of bringing the DCU to the world of live action, I’d like to do it again.”
      Alexz Johnson plays Saturn Girl

      Legendary moviemaker Richard Donner thinks his former assistant deserves a Hollywood crack at DC’s icons too, and told the Los Angeles Times last month that he thinks Johns should write Warner Bros.’ planned Superman requel.

      “Obviously, I am really flattered that Donner said that. Going from his protégé to being someone he would trust with the next Superman film means a lot to me,” said Johns. “It was really nice to hear and I was really grateful but yeah, I’d love a crack at a Superman movie. And I have ideas. I have very specific ideas for a lot of DCU heroes’ films.”

      Asked point blank if his next project outside of comics was a DC property, Johns said only, “I don’t really talk about my projects until they are announced.”


      • Just watched "Bride" on youtube. I missed the actual Doomsday showing up part (the clip was removed), but did find the actual ending with Clark seeing Lana in the hospital and stuff. I'm gonna go with that bald naked dude at the end being Braniac. The way the cables were tied and wrapped around him, that's typical Braniac. And who is ordering Lana on the cellphone? MA KENT!!! PERRY WHITE??? Who knows! I suppose we'll find out January 15th, which is a long way away.


        • Here is the preview vid of the January 15th episode.

          + YouTube Video
          ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.



          • That bald guy with tubes in him was clearly Lex. He's probably on life support due to a giant freaking ice palace collapsing on top of him. It couldn't be Brainiac because Brainiac just retook control of Chloe.


            • I know, but I just have a hard time figuring out how they would bring back Lex without Rosenbaum. What's the point ya know?


              • I know... but, it was said that Michael MAY return for an episode or two this season. So... we'll just have to wait and see.


                • Geoff Johns on the Legion in Smallville


                  When “Smallville” recruited Geoff Johns to write an episode for the show, they expected to get more steeped in comic book-lore than ever before — they just didn’t realize how much. John’s episode, set to air January 15, brings in the classic comic book team the Legion of Super-Heroes and a new villain in the Persuader.

                  “The concept of the Legion throws a wrench in Clark’s life,” Johns said. “They’ve already built up to a huge climax with Chloe and Doomsday, and then the Legion comes in and completely complicates everything.”

                  Johns pitched the show on introducing the time-traveling Legionnaires — Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic Boy — by explaining that they would be relevant to Clark Kent’s life at this point in time (unlike some other characters who’d been introduced on the show although he wasn’t supposed to meet them until later — can you say Green Arrow?). And when the time came to talk villains, Johns brought in a bunch of his comic books to show them how the Persuader would translate in a cameo appearance.

                  “He’s one of my favorite Legion villains,” Johns said, “because he’s this futuristic assassin, he’s dressed like an executioner, and he has one of the coolest weapons, an axe that could slice an atom in half. He can slice Clark, so he can slice anything.”

                  To translate the Legionnaires, Johns said there was some debate over whether they would wear spandex, but found middle ground in uniforms that give nods to their comic book appearances. “So you got Saturn Girl in red and white with Saturn on her chest,” he expained. “We had production meetings to talk through all the details. Do they have rings? What do they look like?”

                  Following the episode won’t require knowing Legion history, Johns promised. “If you’re not a Legion fan, it’s a lot of ‘Do you make your own destiny? Is it written in stone? Do your heroes live up to your expectatons?’ There’s a lot there for you. But if you’re a fan, we worked our asses off to be as faithful to it as possible. There’s so much mythology in this episode, I think the fans will be blown away.”
                  Man, why does this episode have to be in January? I'm ready now!


                  • Hell yeah! I can't wait for this. When the previews after "Bride" said January 15th, my jaw dropped.


                    • From

                      I hope Tom does another season and I hope WB allows Smallville to use the Superman symbol... who would have thought that would be a problem???


                      • Well, they have been using the symbol like crazy in this season. Having it as Kara's necklace, and having it appear as subliminal messages in the Chloe forgets everything, but Davis episode.

                        I wouldn't mind a new season, and I'm excited to see the three characters that people should have actually expected to see rather than Green Arrow, The Flash, and Aquaman. The Legion of Super-Heroes! And Persuader no less. I'm ecstatic... if only we'd seen Tomar-Re rather than J'onn J'onzz.


                        • a 9th season? seriously? I guess the whole rating jump warrents it. But story telling wise it should end this season. He need to put on the costume in the last few episodes and fly off into the sunset.


                          • Originally posted by Saint Walker View Post
                            a 9th season? seriously? I guess the whole rating jump warrents it. But story telling wise it should end this season. He need to put on the costume in the last few episodes and fly off into the sunset.
                            I wouldn't mind that either. Just because there are only so many times, Clark can not know what to do at any given day, and stress about Lana.


                            • He hasn't been stressing over Lana, so far.


                              • At least they're talking about a spin-off again... not the same one (that I truly want to see)... but still.
                                Do good. Be well. Make happy.